Class of '62 Post Graduate Sports Activities



Long Bar, Tijuana, Mexico. 1963

John Allison. Linda Dawes, Charlie Tate, Duane Farrar, Bill Rainey, and -- a mystery guest. We've lost contact with Linda, Charlie, and Bill. Can you find them for us? (Photo courtesy of Duane Farrar)

John -- That picture was taken during my bachelor party for my first try at marriage. The guy in the front is Ron Schwary who later won a Best Picture Oscar for producing "Ordinary People". About two weeks after that picture I was off to serve in the Army -- Bill Rainey


Over-The-Line 1965

Larry Dubbs, Jim Rupe, and Tom Whelan are early winners at this unique San Diego activity. (Photo courtesy of Tom Whelan)


Still gettin' it done!! Tom Whelan at OTL 1999

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