Joram and Carole Shannahoff Wolanow

John- while we were unable to be with you at the Class of 1963 reunion in person, we were with you in spirit. I have included a recent picture of myself and my husband Joram. We had planned on attending the reunion but were unable to do so because off family obligations here in Dallas. Please tell George Fogelman, Ilya Weinreib and Gary Byrnes that they all look the same as the good old days when we were all hanging out at the JCC pool. If we are still around and kicking I will see you in 2008.

Carole Shannahoff Wolanow ‘63

("Still around and kicking?" Dang, Carole -- You've been in Texas too long. I hope George, Ilja, and Gary will see your message. I'm not sure "the good old days" were that good. I overheard Gary, after viewing his photo in the 1963 Centaur, saying, "I look like a member of the Hitler youth!" -- J. F.)

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