University Lanes

Here are front and back images of a postcard donated by Iola "Ikey" Hildebrand, mother of Paula Hildebrand Clare '64, who got it from her friend Becky. Ikey and Becky worked there way back when, and Ikey is still in the "biz" as an employee of Kearny Mesa Bowl. The third image is the envelope wherein the postcard has resided lo these many years.

Interesting that University Lanes chose as its logo an image of San Diego State when it was still a college. The answer, of course, is that it named itself after University Avenue. How did University Avenue get its name, you ask? I suspect it was part and parcel of the University Heights subdivision developed in the early part of the last century. Why was it named University Heights? It may be named after the San Diego Teacher's College on Park Blvd. -- also known as the Normal School -- which gave us Normal Heights and Normal St. The Normal School moved to Montezuma Mesa in the late 1920s and became San Diego State. Which brings us back to University Avenue. I think the whole "University" nomenclature came from the promise of a university that was never built. But I could be wrong.

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