Class of 1959 Visits Crawford High

Front row: 5 people: Hymie Bobrof, Elaine Davis, Calina Estrada, John Blackwood, Donnie Ball. 2nd Row: 6 People: Jerry Monell, Carol Drogan, Ron Osberg (sun Glasses), Hank Williams (sun glasses), Diane Dawson, Mrs Walt Harvey. 3rd Row:5 People: Sheron Perry, Jan Allison, Ellen Scott (sun Glasses), Mrs Leisure (peeking through) Mr. Merrill McLaughlin. 4th Row: 3 People: Marlene Kolender, Jeff Graham Mr Wagner. 5th Row: 5 People: Arnold Korey, Coach Dick Jackson, Mr Jesse Morphew(sun glasses), Coach Ash Hayes, Coach Walt Harvey. (Photo courtesy of Diane Dawson)

Being that this is our Reunion Year I decided to plan a visit to the old Campus. After talking to the old students, coaches and teachers it was well received. We met at the Crawford Campus on Wednesday, March 31st at 2:30 PM, which was right in the middle of a Police action. It seems that two gangs had a disagreement at lunchtime and the school was a mass of students running around in chaos until they were called to their classrooms to quiet the school down. What a day for us old timers who never had any kind of a disagreement at all at any time. After things quieted down the principal Ms Asbury escorted us to the new library for a detailed talked on the direction the school was going. Ms Asbury stated that 80% of the schools 1700 students are under achievers in Math and Reading. So---Crawford next year will be divided up into 3 or 4 campuses all with their own Principal. This is supposed to get these students interested in achieving. After the Principal meeting we walked around the Campus and noticed that there were no longer any lockers!!! And the areas in and around the School had a lot of weeds and dry grass growing everywhere. I was personally grieved about this visit for many days.

Don Ball ‘59

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