1960 Obituaries


Denis Allen

John -- Were you aware that Denis died in the line of duty as a San Diego Police Officer?

Kathern "Kay" Seifert Riedel

Thanks, Kay -- Found the information below on the San Diego Police Historical Association Web Page


April 2, 1977. Police Officer DENIS W. ALLEN age 34. Shot

Officer Allen was shot and killed at 2720 Broadway St. after responding to a call of a man with a knife. Once there, Officer Allen confronted the suspect who pulled a hidden gun. Officer Allen, Officer Allen's partner and the suspect exchanged gunfire. In the end Officer Allen and the suspect were killed. The suspect had been released earlier that day from the county jail where he had been held on a charge of attempted murder of a police officer. Officer Allen is the only SDPD Officer to have a park named after him. The park is located in the Gateway area of the city.  


Richard Allen *


Donna Ballinger Saucedo


Tomas Bay


Paul Becker *


Brenda Beitner

March 28, 1943 - May 4, 1962

"The Beitners lived next door to us on Hardy Avenue, on the south edge of SDSC. In the spring semester of 1962 I was a freshman at State. Brenda, a sophomore, was in a large Comparative Literature class with me, taught by Professor Frank Johnson (an excellent lecturer and genuine character). My sister, Margaret, '59 was in her third year at State. I well remember her piercing scream when she heard on the radio that Brenda had been killed. It was May 4, 1962.

A friend of Brenda's had come by with a new (to him) Jaguar XK150 convertible and wanted to give her a ride. She didn't want to go -- she had an engagement a short while off, but agreed to a quick tour. The car flipped over on Mission Gorge Road and Brenda was killed instantly. He wasn't seriously injured.

It was terribly sad to note Brenda's absence in class the next day. Brenda's mother, Frieda, never got over the loss -- it ruined her life. I realize you may not wish to use much of this, let alone all, but at least the year of death can be fixed. She was born 3/28/43 -- a real youngster in the class of 60. "

 David M. Blakemen

Passed away June 11, 2003 from cancer.

Dominic Bonjorno

Passed away December 1, 1994 from colon and liver cancer


Robert Boyce

I talked with my friend, Kay Wylie ‘60, over the weekend of October 1, 2004. She confirmed what I had told you before. Robert Eugene Boyce ‘60, committed suicide several years ago. Kay is a friend of Gene's mother.


Dennis Bradley


George Buehler


Colin Cameron


Ronald Coe


Paul Cox


Eugene Deputy *


Susan DeSure

My sister Susan DeSure (her married name was also DeSure) died of breast cancer in June of 1977. She was 34. She left behind a husband and two daughters.


Kenneth Fall


John Flinn

July 16, 1942 – July 2, 1969

Air Force Captain John Leroy Flinn was killed when his A-1 Skyraider aircraft was shot down during an attack at Muon Soui, Laos.

Douglas A-1H "Skyraider"


Jerry Fort

January 3, 1943-July 9, 2003

Jerry died of a massive heart attack while coaching his 12-year old son's little league team.

Read the article in the San Diego Union-Tribune


Patricia Gambardella Offield


Hilliard Hall *


Marla Hartman *


Bruce Hitch

Bruce Hitch was also killed in an auto accident. I believe it was not long after graduation, but I'm not sure. He was the son of a well-known local politician, (Councilman Allen Hitch?) so that made the local news. **


Judy Inscore

Judy Inscore died some time in the sixties. I heard indirectly that it was on a trip through the desert, that she was pregnant and had German measles and had pneumonia or a stroke **


Carol Jones Bessette

"I was looking through the obits and found Carol Jones, '60. She died of cancer. She owned the bar Don's Place on Olde Highway 80 and Los Coches Rd. in Lakeside."

Pat Day Carnie, '61


James Jungblut

James Jungblut died the year following graduation in a murder-suicide. He lived around the corner from me -- we both lived about a half block from Crawford High School on the west side of the school, but I didn't know him. His girlfriend, who was a Crawford student, broke up with him and on April 5, 1963 -- the day before Easter Vacation -- he waited for her on the east side of the high school as she was going to school one morning. He had a gun with him and shot and killed her on the sidewalk, then shot and killed himself. It was in all the newspapers and was very sensational and terribly shocking. **


Karen Keller

Karen Keller, I believe, died of diabetes or heart failure (she had been sickly all through jr and sr high schools. ***


Thomas Kitchin, Jr.

"I was wandering around the cemetery in Julian and accidentally came across Tom's grave. It was such a shock because we had been friends in high school. I called his father and found out that Tom had Hodgkin's Disease and died when he was 26."

Pat Day Carnie, '61


Ira Levine *


Byron Lindsley, Jr.

Passed away February 4, 2003


Thomas MacDowell


Brian Maher


Robert Malin


Stephen McBroom


Richard Miller


Frank Poma


Douglas Robie


Andrew Roskos, Jr.

I believe that Drew Roskos was killed in an automobile accident in Colorado. It happened years ago, I believe he and his fiancée were on Spring or Xmas break and heading home to San Diego from college when they were hit head-on by a drunk driver. ***


Thomas Sheehan


Mary Souza Wiza


Helen Wallace Berger


Marian Wilkerson Vertrees

Marian died after a five-year long battle with kidney cancer. She was born on September 6, 1943, in Seattle Washington. She passed away on December 3, 1999. She lived in North County for 16 years. She was a public school educator for 31 years, serving as a counselor for the Vista Unified School District for the past 16 years. She is survived by her sons, Rob and Ryan Vertress, and her sister, Patsi Wilkerson Krakoff '61. Her sister is now retired in Chapala, Mexico.
We had the privilege of having Marian live with us during the last four years of her life, off and on. When she wasn't at the UCLA for treatments for her Kidney cancer. She was a blessing to all who knew her. Her counseling work with teenagers was remarkable. Her love for her sons was so admirable. She was a joy to all who knew her. She is enturred at Eternal Hills Memorial Park, in Oceanside, Ca. Donations may be given in her name to the Elizabeth Hospice of Escondido, or American Cancer Society, in San Diego, California.

Kay Ross Slater -- her classmate, neighbor and friend of 45 years.


* no photo in yearbook

** Information courtesy of Katinea "Tena" Templeton Todd

*** Information courtesy of Sharon Culver Considine


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