“…to educate and encourage an interest among the general public as to the importance of Naval Aviation in the defense of the United States and its allies….”

Parade of Flight

San Diego Photographer Nathan Rupert took some of the best shots I've seen of the Centennial of Naval Aviation's kickoff event in San Diego on February 12, 2010. Click HERE to view his Flickr slide show



Captain Brad "Freddie" Rothman was our host when we visited VMFA-314 after the July 21, 2010 luncheon. Click HERE to see the photos


Now Hear This!

(We hear from squadron members)

VF-211 1972 Cruise

At least two squadron members are in this photo

The Presidential Fleet Review of 1963

Hap Hill took exclusive photos of JFK

USS Hancock 1963-1964 Cruise

Chuck Werkheiser shares a few photos

A Pensacola Visit

Jack and John Bushong return to the place they
attended flight school -- 30 years apart

Korea: 1951

Bob Bennett takes issue with the Toko-Ri article.
In the meantime here are some stunning color
photos taken by him aboard Princeton (CV-37)


You can now access photos from Life Magazine, such as this 1941 Carl Mydans shot of TBDs from the USS Enterprise nearing Hawaii.
Click HERE or on the photo above.


Click HERE to watch a six-minute 1941 clip from the movie Dive Bomber . It includes air operations aboard the USS Enterprise (CV-6) as well as gorgeous color video of planes at North Island. Remember the first number on the plane corresponds with the hull number of its home carrier. Why, yes, there are a lot of shots of planes from the USS Saratoga (CV-3)


Naval Aviation News

Download past issues all the way back to 1943

(Is that YOU trying to land an SNJ on the USS Cabot?




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