Here’s a picture, circa 1963, of the brownie troop that met at the Adams home on Grape St. in what is now known as Oak Park. We all attended Oak Park Elementary, and most went on to Horace Mann and Crawford. Polly Adams is second from the left top row, Denise Dronenburg fifth from left second row, Dana Waldman at the right end of second row, Linda Johnson second from left first row, Peggy Clark, Barbara McGowan and Kathy Beers are in there somewhere! Thanks for the Fry Day news, its always fun! -- Linda Johnson Smyth ‘74

Peggy Clark is top row, 2nd from right, Kathy Beers is 2nd row, 2nd from the right and Barbara McGowan is bottom row, 2nd from the right. These ladies are all very special to me. We all graduated from Crawford in 1974!! Go Colts!!! -- Patty Humphries Groves

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