'65 Dines!


(Dianne Hazlewood Buchanan, Bobbie Klepach Day-DiSalvo, Jackie Condee Flynn. and Nancy Wrightsman Simonides enjoy lunch and try to figure out how Nancy became a GREAT-grandmother)


Hi John,

Please add my name to your mailing list. My brother ­ Ted Hazlewood ­ has been bugging me for months to get on your mailing list for the newsletter. Now I can tell him "The check's in the mail".

I have also enclosed a photo of myself and three other '65 graduates. We meet once or twice a year for lunch to get caught up on what's been happening in our lives.

I've been married 32 years to a '65 Grossmont graduate ­ Rick Buchanan. We have two sons -- Eric, 29 and Scott, 27. I am currently working for the San Diego Community College District in the administrative office for students with disabilities. I've been there for 13 years.

Bobbie Klepach Day-DiSalvo has one son, Ron, who is single. Bobbie has been working 30+ years for a law firm here in San Diego. Bobbie is married to Chuck and they are both avid Padres fans. Bobbie still plays softball three times a week in co-ed and women's leagues. Bobbie's email address is bday@mkblaw.com.

Jackie Condee Flynn is married to Denny and is celebrating 25 years working at the Union Tribune. Jackie has two children. Her son is single and her married daughter has a 6 1/2 year old daughter. Jackie's granddaughter is the "apple of her eye". Here is Jackie's email address Jackie.Flynn@uniontrib.com

Nancy Wrightsman Simonides is married to Marty and living in Lakeside. Nancy has two married sons ­ Scott and Jim. Nancy has 7 grandchildren and is soon to be a proud great-grandmother. Nancy has worked for the Lakeside school district for 24 years. Nancy's email is nansi@sdcoe.k12.ca.us

Thanks to my brother's newsletter I was able to contact someone from the Class of '65 who listed their email address. It was wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work and time putting this newsletter together.

Dianne Hazlewood Buchanan


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