Crawford "Originals" Luncheon

March 8, 2003

(We've placed names below the photo for those of you who can't tell the white-haired students from the white-haired faculty)

Kneeling: John Blackwood, Buddy Hunter, Don Ball, Jeff Graham and Jerry Monell.

Standing: Gary Todd, Allen McBeth, Jerry Dean, Mr. Merrill MClaughlin, Richard Oliver, Coach Malcolm, Coach Ash Hayes, Coach Don Donnelly, Bob Graham, Coach Walt Harvey, Don Waters, Don Morgan, and Buddy Webb.

A very happy thanks to all of the Crawford "Originals" who came to our first luncheon on March 8th, 2003. In attendance were: Allen McBeth, Bob Graham, Gary Todd, Jeff Graham, Jerry Dean, John Blackwood, Ralph (Buddy) Hunter, Richard Oliver, John (Buddy) Webb, Don Waters, Don Morgan, Jerry Monell, and Donnie Ball. Coaches: Walt Harvey, Merrill Mc Laughlin, Don Donnelly, Ash Hayes, Marshall Malcolm, and Dick Jackson.
Another luncheon is planned for this summer. For our out-of-town athletes -- keep me informed when you will be in town.

Don Ball '59

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