Here's a picture of me, George Fogelman '63, and Coach Richard Draz at a golf tournament at RiverWalk, Mission Valley, here in San Diego, October 29, 2001. The three of us play as a team every year (this is our third year) in The Bishop's School charity golf tournament (my son's school). So far no trophies, but lots of laughs and memories (and we were 8-under this year). "Coach" Draz was coach to both George and myself during our indentured servitude in the Physical Education department at Crawford in the 60s. The three of us crossed paths again when our children Ari Fogelman and John Kvandal (both water polo players) competed in games refereed by Coach Draz. Coach Draz was a seminal influence in the development of youth water polo in San Diego, and has a yearly tournament (the Draz Cup) named after him in honor of his dedication and inspiration to the sport.

Doug Kvandal, '66

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