Euclid Elementary School

6th Grade • Mr. del Campo • 1959

(Courtesy of Bill Wood '65)

I always thought it was interesting, at least to myself, that I attended six different elementary schools -- four in San Diego, one in Oklahoma City and one in Honolulu.   I attended two different junior high schools -- one in San Diego and 1 in Oklahoma City.   Only one high school, though -- in Oklahoma City.    In addition to Crown Point, Kit Carson and Euclid, I also attended Linda Vista and -- of course -- Horace Mann. I still feel like I missed out not being able to go to Crawford.   I was really looking forward to that.   I do appreciate you anointing me an Honorable member of CHS Class of 65 -- Billy Woods

Kit Carson Elementary School

4th Grade • Miss Stephens • 1957

(Courtesy of Bill Wood '65)

Crown Point Elementary School

1st Grade • Miss Donahue • 1954

(Courtesy of Bill Wood '65)

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