Do You Recognize These Floozies?


A group of us that stay in touch decided to visit our classmate Kathy Roletto Campbell the weekend of September 28, 2001. Kathy and her husband Doug own the historic "Wolf Hotel" in Saratoga, Wyoming. To commemorate the occasion we had this vintage photo taken and thought our '62 classmates might enjoy seeing us. As you can tell from our faces -- we had a BLAST!!

Lynn Elliott Townsend


The picture frame we were each given with our pics says: WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE . . .REWARD $25,000 IN GOLD COIN Will be paid for the apprehension of THE. . .WILD GALS

Kathie Cochran Lee


Dear John, How can all these "Floozies of '62" still look like they did in High School? I've gotten old --how did they avoid the same fate?

Karen Kees


What a great picture, and they look so good. I had a heard time deciding if the pix was from our 62 yearbook (as we had one similar to this) or if it was current, you see I hadn't read the caption that below the pix yet.

Sharon Stevens Leibl


Dear John. thanks for printing the photo. We had the best time. 10 women talking non-stop for 48 hours - you just imagine.

Christine Loss



(Give up? OK -- You can read the names below)





(Top Row: Mary Pomplun Russell, Kathy Roletto Campbell, Meredith Andrews Puh, Christine Loss; Middle Row: Lynn Elliott Townsend, Barbara Holewinski Leonard, Diane Petteys Simpson, Terrie Geissman Nichols; Bottom Row: Kathie Cochran Lee and Donna Smith Towne.)


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