Dear John,

Enclosed is a check for $15 for a subscription to your newsletter for my husband Dave. He's been reading Ron Kroepel's newsletter and should buy his own!

Also enclosed is a recounting of Dave and Ron's adventure this summer. The two seemed one step ahead of disaster throughout the whole trip. As the dutiful wife at home (I'm a school teacher, so Dave plans a trip at the opening of the school year as he never sees me then), I had a few anxious moments, but those two Crawford guys seemed unfazed by their proximity to disaster.

Another note: these two were on the Crawford CIF championship basketball team (1963?). Goes to show that friendships made through sports seem to last forever

Judy Grear (Helix, Class of '63)


When Ron Kroepel's ('63) brother Larry decided to ride a bicycle across American, Ron joined him as cheerleader and support crew. To support the support crew Dave Grear ('63) showed up on occasion to check out Larry's progress and teach Ton how to read maps. With Dave's help they got lost in every state.




In June Dave took a Greyhound bus to Yellowstone to join Ron. They trekked through the states of Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota camping with buffalo, visiting Mt. Rushmore, and spending a "delightful" few hours in Fargo. Dave then returned to San Diego to recover from the bus ride and check in with his wife and daughter.

In September Ron and Dave again tempted fate by hooking up in New York City. They toured the Twin Towers and climbed to the crown of the Statue of Liberty on September 9, 2001.




By September 10 the two were loose in Washington, DC where Ron imitated Godzilla on the White House fence -- a photo that may never be possible to take again. The next day the two were on the freeway into the city at the time of the attack on the Pentagon. When they found out what happened they changed their plans and headed south.

Driving in Ron's 1998 Ford Ranger filled with camping gear Cheetos and M&Ms, the two seldom saw TV or listened to the radio. Thus, unaware that the FBI had turned its investigation to Florida, the Crawford grads headed for Miami, touring Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine on their way.


(Is it just me -- or does this look like a giant bottle of rum -- John Fry)


After Miami they traveled to Key West and the southern-most point in the Continental United States. Then they traveled up the Gulf Coast, spending two days in New Orleans before heading back to San Diego, just in time for the FBI investigation here.

In all the tour took Ron four months and Dave accompanied him for nearly five weeks.

Next September they are thinking about Alaska. The FBI has been notified.



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