Sisterhood of Hags Descends on San Juan Capistrano

(Swallows Fail To Show On March 15th)

On March 8th, 2002 fourteen members of the Sisterhood of Hags took trains from the San Diego/Oceanside /LA area and headed for San Juan Capistrano for Lunch at Sarducci's at the Train Depot. Our Fabulous waitperson Sam, serviced :-) us and took the spectacular group photo below.

Left to right, bottom row: Sallie "Sarah" Shea Arnold, Harriet Silverman Bossenbroek, Barbara Weisenberg Insell; middle row, Nancy Burrell Williams, Lynn Routt Swanson, Terrie Geismann Nichols; back row, Sharon Meiner Calton, Marcia Person Darling, Donna Smith Towne, Lynn Elliott Townsend, Christine Loss and Rona Goldfarb. It seems that Sister Janice Gordon ditched this photo.

1 -- Nancy Burrell Williams, Lynn Elliott Townsend, and Donna Smith Towne; 2 -- Lynn Routt Swanson and Sallie "Sarah" Shea Arnold

3 -- Donna Smith Towne and Barbara Weisenberg Insell; 4 -- Lynn Elliott Townsend, Nancy Burrell Williams and Christine Loss

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