Happy Holidays to All!
Heather Kenney Meyer and Ron Jagodinski, flanked by Brad and Kevin -- or Kevin and Brad -- or maybe two serfs from a neighboring shire.
Ours is a special season this year for giving thanks. Without question, this has been the most momentous year of Heather and Ron’s lives. Much has been happening with Heather’s sons Brad and Kevin as well.
Ron Jagodinski and Heather Meyer Kenney were married on Halloween and much effort was put into the event. One hundred souls bravely traveled to the old Castle Kenney Near Sweetwater Lake. The marriage was set in the motif of a medieval costume party and – we are happy to say – a grand time was had by all. The Kenney ancestral home was recently rebuilt with a new second story by Brad and Kevin. This was accomplished with the help of many, many friends and neighbors, a number of whom were able to also offer their gracious help with the wedding.
Subsequent to this grand celebration Heather and Ron were literally “spirited” away to Acapulco on the cruise ship Carnival Spirit. The best wedding gift of all was passing the final construction inspection from the County of San Diego, which was quite a feather in Brad and Kevin’s medieval caps.
The decorations are gone now and the wedding dress is put away. Thoughts come now of our amazing good fortune, of the many friends who were able to visit and help, of the many problems and learning experiences we all had during the long period of construction and planning which all happened to culminate on our wedding day.
Most of you who know both of us recall that Heather and Ron first met in the 5th grade at John Muir Elementary School in 1955. We knew one another throughout their school years at Horace Mann Junior High and Crawford High. It now appears that our parents knew one another also.
Knowing all of this it seemed fitting that a storybook setting be chosen to celebrate the uniting of two people who were single for almost thirty years.
We want to wish you and your household the happiest of holiday seasons. Quite surely there is goodness in the world.

Heather and Ron Jagodinski '62.

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