He Could Tell Us -- But He'd Have to Kill Us

Jim Kraus '65 forwards the fascinating photos below with a minimum of explanation.
Don't even ask.
(Above) Jim Kraus (he's the one dressed in black) says, "The photo was taken by photojournalists for the Peoples’ Republic of China filming our reunion. The man on my right is Lam Xiaoping, a former colleague. I was in the Middle East for the winter on my last special project, which included a reunion with former colleagues in Cairo. Then it was off to the hinterlands of Jordan for a minor "clean up project". (Below) The Jordanian border crossing.
(Above) Jim poses with portraits of the Husseins, pere et fils, and puts on a brave face as he is led away. (Sorry -- I couldn't resist). (Below) Wadi Petra. Says Jim, "Anybody who has ever been deep inside Jordan will tell you this is an accurate snapshot of the landscape."

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