The “Mark Four” in one of its earliest incarnations, circa 1966 or so, resplendent in ties and vests. From left to right are: Alan Novidor (bass), Mark Elson (lead guitar and vocals), Randy Blackwood (piano --although he seems to be holding a drumstick here), Rick Simons (drums), and Michael Naiman (rhythm guitar and vocals). Mark still has the guitar shown in this photo, a 1965 “Trini Lopez” model Gibson.

The reconstituted band at the 2009 reunion. Pictured from left to right: Rick Simons, Gary Orlansky (Gary and Rick both play drums and percussion), Alan Novidor (bass), Mark Elson (guitar and vocals), Phil Catalfo (guitar and vocals), Joan Antofte Augsburger (vocals), and Randy Blackwood (keyboard).

Back in the ‘60s, five members of the Crawford class of 1968 and one Hoover High student formed one of the hardest-working teen bands in town: the Mark Four. By graduation they had disbanded, but 5 years ago, having not played together for nearly 40 years, they decided to reunite for a backyard “concert” for their spouses and kids. They had so much fun they decided to do it again the following year and invite some more folks. They also invited a few musical “special guests” to sit in on certain songs--including me. (Mark and I had performed together as an acoustic duo for about a year during our time at UC San Diego, and we were all friends from Crawford and UCSD.) By the third year, Mike Naiman had moved back east, and the band invited me to join them on guitar and vocals. Also, several of us reconnected at the Class of ‘68 40th anniversary reunion with Joan (Antofte) Augsburger, who was a member of the band for the last year or so of its original run, and she was invited to join in on vocals. She wore an outfit that matched a band photo from back in the day, including go-go boots and a feather boa—and she looked (and sounded) great! -- Phil Catalfo

This year’s reunion is coming up on Sunday, August 7, and we thought it might be fun to tell folks who knew us at Crawford about it. It’ll take place at a private home in Rancho Penasquitos from 1 to about 5 PM. If any members of the Crawford Class of 1968 are interested in coming they should contact Alan Novidor by Tuesday, August 2nd

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