Rolando Park Elementary School


(Courtesy of Richard Lidbom ‘62)

Richard and I were in  Mr. Scott's sixth grade class together along with many future Colts. There is a special piece of trivia associated with the Safety Patrol. The officer in charge of our unit was the brother of Florence Chadwick the famous English Channel swimmer -- Bill Rainey

I read with interest Bill Rainey's recollection that Florence Chadwick's brother was the officer in charge of the Rolando Park school safety patrol.  Officer Chadwick was also in charge of the Euclid School safety patrol, which I was on with Jerry Lovelady and Duane Farrar (I think).  I remember him well and he often spoke about his sister's accomplishments -- Mike Roberts ’62
I knew Officer Chadwick very well. He was in charge of the Montezuma Elementary Patrol Boys when I served as the Lieutenant-in-Charge in the mid-1950s -- Jerry Smithson ’63

"Officer Chadwick" was  the Safety Patrol Officer at John Adams as well -- Rick Combs ’59

Florence Chadwick's restaurant was on the northwest corner of 30th and Market. The county bought it and the Department of Honor Camps, and later the Probation Department, ran a men's work furlough center out of it in the mid-1970s -- Kevin Carruth ’65

Thoughts of Florence Chadwick stirred up some memories.  You are right, the restaurant was a few blocks west of 30th, it was just over the crest of the hill, coming up from town, on the north side, it was at a corner.  My parents and a couple who were their friends, were friends with the family.  When I was young, my parents friend got me the envelope that Florence had written the letter she sent home from Paris after her swim.  I still have it in my stamp collection -- Pat Chambers ’60

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