Spring Fling 2003

Sally's Restaurant • Bar

Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Diego

May 15, 2003

Fox In The Henhouse: Original faculty member Jesse Morphew easily blends in with a group of early Crawford graduates. John Blackwood is showing Coleen Cowell Bishop the etchings in his digital camera. Three members of the Hazlewood clan are rumored to be attempting to gain control of the group with their powerful voting bloc. The group consensus was to do it again -- perhaps in three months.

Front Row: Coleen Cowell Bishop ’59, Nancy Burrell Williams ’62, John Fry ’62, Dave Donan ’61; Second Row: John Blackwood ’59, Fran Richey Levy ’60, Ted Hazlewood ’63, Lulu Anaya Bayless ’63, Sarah Shea Arnold, ’62; Third Row: Susan Menconi Underwood '60, Dottie Johnson Vargas, ’60, Diane Hazlewood Buchanon ‘65, Frank Marino ‘66, Joe Russo ’64: Top Row: Bob Mardon '64, Jesse Morphew, Bobbie Klepach Day-DiSalvo ‘65, Michelle Hazlewood Creel ‘67, Steve Kramer ’61.

What I Learned at Spring Fling 2003

by John Fry

Lotsa stuff I never would have heard had I been sitting with the guys, none of which I need to repeat here, but --

1. Dottie Johnson Vargas '60 is married to a winner of the Medal of Honor

2. Susan Menconi Underwood '60 has a sister who was Playmate of the Month in February 1969

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