The Girls of '62



John -- That was such a fun time. The girls in the photo are as follows: Back row (left to right) -- Terrie Geismann, Diane Petteys, Lorri Hinkley, Pat Caffey, Mary Pomplun, Pat Soper, Lyla Earley, Meredith Andrews, Pam Saffeels, Susan (Susie) Acord, Sherry Tatum (I think}. Paula Kimmerling, Marcia MacDonald, Renee Ames, Kathy Roletto, Kathy Cochran, Pam Sellman (I think} and last but not least (reclining) -- Rozann Zamora.

Thinking back , what a wonderful group of girls . As I remember we were women of substance, goal-oriented. But we knew how to have fun!

Fondly, Susan Acord Thomas


Hi John -- I enjoyed your web site very much--a good way to keep in touch . The girls in the picture are as follows: Terri Giesmann, Diane Petteys, Lori Hinkley, Patty Caffey, Mary Pomplun, Pat Soper,Lyla Earley, Meredith Andrews, Kathy Hoban, Susie Acord, Sherry Tatum, Paula Kimberling all in the back row from left to right. Middle row: Marsha MacDonald, Renee Ames, Kathy Roletto, Kathie Cochran, Becky Holder and in front is Rozann Zamora

These ladies still look just as pretty and youthful as ever and most of us try to stay in touch. 1962 was a great year--thanks for the memories.

Sincerely, Donna Smith Towne

Dear John --What a great photo! I remember it well! It was such a special time. Both (Susie) Susan Acord, and Donna Smith are 99% right. The girl next to Meredith Andrews is Pam Saffeels, and the girl next to Kathy Cochran is Becky Holder. If we could all ever get together again at the same time, it would be wonderful to do it all over. Thanks for the memories.

Sincerely, Mary Pomplun Russell

P.S. Are we having a 40th reunion? Do you need help? Let me know.


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