1968 Email Addresses

Walter Abbey

Paula Adler Sloan

Sandra Altermatt Burright

Joan Antofte Augsburger

Dan "Ash" Ashley

Scott Bankston

Greg Bear's Website

Mike Boungiorno

Elton Lawrence Bowman

Jody Bruha Hoppe

Phil Catalfo

Hi John -- I've been to your site before, and when I got your email I visited again. I see you've added some more pages, and the listings of both obits and alumni email addresses is a valuable service. (I was shocked and saddened to learn about some of my classmates who'd passed on.) Thanks for doing that! I'm a senior editor here at Yoga Journal and have been since 1998. I am the author of one book, "Raising Spiritual Children in a Material World" (Berkley Publishing Group, 1997) and co-author of another, "The Whole Parenting Guide" (Broadway Books, 1999)--both, alas, now out of print, although I hope to bring at least my book back into print in the not-too-distant future. I married another former Colt, Michelle Lerager '68, in 1978 and we are the parents of three amazing children: Jessamine, born in 1979; Gabriel, born in 1983 and died in 1998; and Peter, born in 1986.

Phil Catalfo
Berkeley, California

Kathlena Cavesina Cocita

Norman Black

Darelyn Brack Crabtree

Judy Bruha Hoppe

Susan Cone Milow

Frank Corio

Cassandra Crohn Millsap

Steven Epstein

John Fornaca

Sandra Filgo Nichols

Diane Garber Edberg

Ann Germeraad Swain

Fred Greensite

Steve Greenstein

Jim Harper

Steve Hire

Tim Hoolihan

Linda Hughes Fantoni

Joan Jaeger Shaner

Bill Keller

Bill Keller's Le Travel Store website

David Kermott

Susan Kiley Golden

Allen Knight

Lorraine Labozzetta Taylor

Kathleen Lally Pence

Michelle Lerager Catalfo

Judy Malcolm

Judy Martin

Judy Martin's Quilting Website

Barbara McCubbin Knight

Rod Mehrtens

Mike Newell

Tom Pembleton

Carolyn Penner Leffler

Greg Phillips

Chuck Piro

Dan Pledger

Stephen Powers

Patty Province Stone

Frances Raikow

Cyndee St John Cottrell

Joseph Schultz

Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw's Website

Scott Shaw's "Oddball Comics" Website

Dana Sherrell

John Teeter

Marshall Triggs

Mia Trompas Clark

Lisa Urso

Trudi Vannatter Schooley

Mary Warnick

Charles Wax

Susan Weetman Belair

Sylvia Wicke Ryerson

Patricia Yeager Marks



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