I got to wondering about this colorful photo in the 1963 Centaur.  The partially-obscured banner on the fence appears to say "Capture the Bucaneers", so I deduced it was a day game played against Mission Bay High School during the 1962-1963 school year.  Like all of Crawford's home games, it took place on the field at Hoover High.  Were you there?  Can you find yourself in the photo?  Are you perchance the clown perched atop the scorer's booth.

What you said about the photo is correct. I can add that Jim Mass is the cheerleader in the picture. Barbara LeSage (left) and Maridell Evans (right) are the song leaders
--  John McMullen

Football program donated by Gail Schindler Fogelman '67

Bill Center's article in the September 29, 1962 San Diego Union


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