Colt League • La Mesa Tool • 1962

(Courtesy of Bill "Cappy" Paxton ‘66)

The player, bottom row, second from the right is Danny Nachison ’66.  I went to Hardy Elementary with both Danny and Billy (Cappy) -- Susan Rhea Kitaen ’66

The La Mesa Tool & Manufacturing team photo brought back memories.  Some of the guys later attended Crawford, but I don't think most did.  I'm the good looking kid fifth from the left in the back row standing next to our coach.  There are a couple of corrections from the story.  First, this was not a Colt League team.  We were in the minors of a PONY League.  Also, it was not quite 1962.  Probably 1960.  I seem to recall that Bill Paxton was a catcher and that a pitch I threw in a game was fouled off and broke one of this fingers.  I could be wrong about that.  It seemed that catchers were always getting hurt, so it may have been someone else whose summer was ruined --
Marv Abrams '65 

I'm the skinny, big eared kid in the second row on the far left -- Dale Jones '65

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