San Diego State Chariot Races

Aztec Bowl December 11, 1962

(I found these shots in a packet of photos processed in December 1962.  I correctly recalled that they were taken in Aztec Bowl at the annual Fraternity Chariot Races.  The Union-Tribune archives showed races in 1961 and 1963, but not 1962.  Barbara Johnson Nielsen let me know that Channel 8 had covered the races on December 11, 1962.   Sarah Conner, from San Diego State's Special Collections & University Archives, sent me a digital copy of the Daily Aztec from December 12, 1962.  It turns out that the Bronzed Adonis on the right is the late Pete Knudson, who graduated a year ahead of me at Crawford High.)

From the San Diego State College Daily Aztec, December 12, 1962

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