I've scanned my copy of the 1958 Cougar, from my 9th grade year, signatures and all. The kids who put this together were very proud of how original this Cougar was, with its blueprint-drafting-building theme throughout. Fritz Ziegenfuss is the student being worked on by faculty-on-scaffolding on page 3. Also unusual was the way photographs were not just in rectangular frames but cut out and floating. There were even full bleeds (photos to edge of page). For the 7th and 8th grades, there was one major drawback: instead of individual photos of those kids, they were grouped in not-very-clear photos by PE classes. This saved a lot of space and money, allowing for the creativity of the whole thing. You'd probably know if in 1959 the format reverted to more traditional, including individual photos of 7th and 8th graders. The guy who took almost all the photos was Dan Walters, my good buddy that year. He moved with his folks to the Mojave Desert after 9th grade and I lost track of him until he turned up as a columnist for the Sacramento Bee -- a very well known columnist, in fact. We made business cards announcing our services as photographers. Very generously, I am listed as one of the photographers for this Cougar, but I believe the only shot I provided is on page 7. Labeled "Homework", it is a TV screen showing the name Richard Boone from "Have Gun Will Travel". I had just bought my first serious camera, a Minolta A2 rangefinder 35mm, from Fedco of course, and was keen to try things out. Dan had a Wirgen Edixa German-made 35mm rangefinder (which he still has) and did all the photo processing in the Drafting class I had with Mr. Mobley that year. The photo on page 7 labeled "Boring" is me in that class. Dan had a few spare frames on the roll he wanted to develop, so I was the subject. There are a few other people on page 7 that I can identify: "Fun" in the upper left is Tom Koester and Patty Wilkerson. "Enjoyable" in the middle left shows Shirley Dowling (the taller girl). "Hard Work" is David Donan. "Fun" in the lower right includes Judy Hottenstein as the prisoner -- Bob Richardson '61