John Fry's book tells the story of one of the last surviving entertainment piers that grew up along the Southern California coast in the early part of this century. Originally known as "Pickering's Pleasure Pier", the structure was opened to the public in 1927 in hopes of encouraging investors to purchase residential and business property near the ocean in Pacific Beach -- a suburb of San Diego.

The original pier, with its Crystal Ballroom, fell victim to a legal dispute, but the marine structure --- despite being seriously damaged by storm surf in 1983 -- remains an important Southern California landmark.

Copies of the booklet may be purchased by sending $10.00 + $1.26 for postage to John Fry, P. O. Box 9444, San Diego, CA 92169. California residents should add 78¢ for sales tax.

You may order the book using Visa or Master Card, directly over the web by clicking on "Order Form" below.

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