Last week I went into my copy negatives trying to help out a woman in La Jolla who is doing a historical display for the Bird Rock Restaurant Walk. She wanted photos of the Japanese families who farmed in Pacific Beach before they were unceremoniously whisked off to relocation camps during WWII. I was able to help her AND came across a sheet of negatives that simply said "CHS". I've labelled them to the best of my ability, but I'll be interested if you can correct me or add additional information.

Oh, man, Gary Bonwell looks about 12 in the first two photos above, so I'm wondering if they were taken at Horace Mann. I don't know what's happening, but it looks like Gary lost a bet. I'm guessing that's Rob Wied stuffing him into a trash can. Could that be Mr. Rumsey in the second photo? Billie Jean Cameron is exiting Room 513 in the third shot. It could be Linda Hebert already out the door. Someone out there will know who taught in 513.
I know it's Barbara Holewinski in the middle photo, possibly Mary Townsend on the left and maybe Sally Shunert on the right.
I have no idea what I was doing in the girls' gym with a camera. Well, I know what I was doing -- I'm just not sure who let me do it. I can't remember what I had for breakfast and I don't know who the girl in the last photo is, but I'm almost certain it was taken in front of Gary Bonwell's house on South Thorn Street.

But wait -- there's more!!

I came across these while searching for old family photos for the Normal Heights Community Center. Left was dated August 1959, so I'm guessing it was 9th grade graduation at Horace Mann. Does that look like Steve Haiman and Sally Schunert? The center shot is Wayne Brickey on the football field in 1962 (don't ask me why). At right is Barbara Addkison, Queen of the North Park Christmas parade..

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