Front Row: Laurel Gonsalves, ----, Alan Marshall?, Suzi Patz, Patty Wilkerson, ----, Martha Kimball. Middle Row:: ----, Tom Koester?, ----, Mr. Carey, ----, ----, Joanne Dawson?;
Back Row:: ----, ----, Shirley Dowling?, Dan Walters, Judy Scott, ----, ----.

I put all my sleuthing skills to work recently in an effort to see if I could learn what became of Laurel Gonsalves. She was in my class at Horace Mann all three years, but wasn't at Crawford. I finally found her, living in New York's Upper East Side. Turns out her family moved to La Jolla after 9th grade and she went to La Jolla High. After high school she attended Occidental and Berkley. After a year of grad school at Michigan she wound up working for a fledgling Rolling Stone Magazine in San Francisco, then moved to New York when it did. My sense is this was an exceptional bunch of kids. It would be fun to hear their memories from working on the 1958 Cougar -- Bob Richardson '61

PS -- I found a 2007 SFGate artice about an early Rolling Stone staffer reunion that mentions Laurel

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