John -- So far so good in Al Anbar! The summer is getting hot but these Phrogs are phlying. We are past half way and everything is going pretty well. Above is a picture of the gang from a bit earlier in the trip. We look the same now just maybe a little thinner and surely more sunburnt!
The night before we took over the mission out here one of the mechanics walked up the back ramp of one of the planes to flip on the APU to do some checks. You have to lean up into the tunnel of the cockpit to start the APU. He put his hand up on the switch as he leaned in there and realized he was not alone in the cockpit.
No kidding, the night before the Purple Foxes of HMM-364 assumed the mission we found a real fox in the cockpit of a bird!! You just can't make that up!

Semper Fi
“Murph” McCarthy CAPT USMC
The World Famous Purple Foxes
July 13, 2008

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