1963-1964 Cruise

(Courtesy of Chuck Werkheiser)

"The Hancock was a World War II Essex-class carrier. Notice the wooden
decks and steel plates in the landing area. That's me on the right."

"I worked with the McDonnell F3H "Demon". One feature of this aircraft was that the
wings had to be raised and lowered by the flight deck crew, and not by the pilot."

At idle, the compressor on the F3H would make a very loud noise, earning it the nickname,
" Screaming Demon". It would carry and shoot the Sparrow and Sidewinder missile.
A commanding officer of the squadron was once overheard to say,
"This aircraft is most known for its loud noise and excessive fuel consumption."

"The night photos were taken in Manila Bay"

"These photos were taken at sunrise as we entered Hong Kong harbor"

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