The photo of the 1968 Horace Mann 8th Grade Handball Champs in the November 28, 2013 Colt Corral blog brought back memories of a special handball moment for me in 1963.  Gary Stockton and I were interviewed by Nolan Davis of the Evening Tribune for an article on high school intramural sports.  We got a half page and a photo in the December 28, 1963 edition .  Gary and I went on to win 2nd place in the city against all competing high schools.  It was also memorable because the interview was just a few weeks after the Kennedy assassination.  I still play handball and, in fact, won a tournament last June in my age division (65+).  At 67 I find handball can be a life-long sport thanks to my exposure to it at Horace Mann and Crawford.-- Rodger Gredvig '64

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