This is a photo of the 8th Grade Boys' Period Two P. E. Class. The back says “December 1958”. We were the inter-mural champs at Horace Mann. I'm not sure who's in the picture. I know some of them. Maybe you can help. Standing: 1.? 2.? 3. Dennis Van Der Maaten. 4. ? (Bowman -- I think). Sitting: 1. ? 2.Denny Dalbey 3. Donnie Buckalew 4. Murray Kane, (I think -- or his twin) 5. Ted Hazlewood

This is a great picture. I forgot that we played soccer.

I don't know who Murry Kane is but your #4 Bowman (?) is Russ Bowen I believe, who I later knew in Pony League and at Crawford and afterwards.

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