NOVEMBER 2, 1960

JFK made a campaign stop prior to the Presidential Election on November 8, 1960

In front of the U. S. Grant Hotel.  State Senator Hugo Fisher is standing next to him.  (UT Photo by Thane McIntosh)

Looking out at the crowd in front of the U. S. Grant Hotel.  Can you see Nancy Watson?  I suspect Crawford High Cutup Mike Schwartz is hoisting the "Dewey-Landon" sign in the middle of the picture.  (UT Photo by Joe Flynn)

It would appear that Senator Kennedy has completed his speech and is standing in a car headed up 4th Avenue.  Governor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown is at the right of the photo.  I think that's State Senator Hugo Fisher looking down in the foreground.  Could that be Pierre Salinger conferring with the policeman behind Kennedy?

I'm guessing Kennedy is on his way to the airport in this picture.  Walker Scott, at 5th and Broadway, is visible in the background.  Hartfield's was situated at 5th and C.

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