Thought you might like this photo. I think I have the original somewhere. My father Charles E. Schreck was the motor officer on the right front fender of JFK's vehicle. The other officer might have been Bob Kinzie. My father passed away in 1995. I was at the motorcade near Rudford’s on the south side of El Cajon Blvd but we could never figure where the photo was taken or who took it. Apparently my father received it from somebody. We were raised in Linda Vista and my brother David and I graduated from Kearny ’66 and  ‘67 respectively. My older sister graduated from Crawford in 1960. We didn't know we had a sister until 1984. I believe her name then was Mary Jean Utley and lived in the area of 50th street north of El Cajon Blvd but married name is now Jeannie Woodstrup and  lives in Red Bluff CA. My mother worked at the State Cleaners on Euclid and El Cajon, we think so she could see little Mary walking to Euclid Elementary school. My mother gave her up for adoption at birth. Our family doctors were Saterly and Murray across from the State Cleaners -- Daniel Schreck, Murrieta CA.

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