Some Horace Mann Marine History: The year was 1956 when many of us in Mr. Olive and Mr. McLaughlin's 7th Grade general shop classes started to become involved with model sailboat construction and actual competition racing.  Unbelievably, a large annual regatta involving several schools in the San Diego City Schools System was sponsored and directed by our own local San Diego Union newspaper. The boats were built over the period of about four months.  I first raced my HM-59 at the regatta at the Mission Bay Model Yacht Basin in the spring of 1957 where I was awarded a "finish." Some years later, I "skippered" the No. 59 boat across Mission Bay while following the uncontrolled boat in a Sabot. Finding the old boat stored out in my parents’ garage years ago, I went about an effort of restoration.  With a new rig, even the American Model Yachting Association took notice.  One recent day at the Yacht Pond, an AMYA representative asked what class the HM-59 was; I responded "That's an OLIVE 18", which is the way it will appear in the annals of model boat history unless someone gives it a better name -- Ron Jagodinski ’62

Our precious old OLIVE 18 now rarely sails and holds court atop the grand piano in the living room overlooking some of the other boats.  Most of our family efforts have been devoted to other sailing model projects; but this one perhaps provided the most emotional of rewards.  Click HERE see what other model boat things we are up to -- Ron and Heather Meyer Jagodinski

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