1966 College Park 7/Eleven Little League Team

(Courtesy of Jeff Garrison '73)

I am standing at the far left.  The young man at the far right, top, is an assistant coach.  I think his last name is Sanks. The second Coach, second from the right, I believe is Stephen Terry's father.  I cannot remember the coach on the far left.  Some of the players are bottom row, far right, Randy Cantrell, whose family moved to Canada in the late 60s.  I think the player at bottom row, second from left is Raymond Sliwa.  On the bottom row, third from the left, I think is Alan Weismann.

I lived on Hewlett Drive.  If I climbed over my back wall, there were the San Diego State tennis courts and some red brick dormitories for the college students.  Beyond that there was Smith Field, the swimming pool, and Peterson Gym.  I saw John Sebastian play there.  And then there was Aztec Bowl, where I saw John F Kennedy speak when I was about 8.  If you kept on past Aztec Bowl, and before you got to College Avenue, that was where College Park Little League played. There was a store called Sundries there, and kind of across the street was a Jack in the Box, and a 7-11 (I remember it as Speedee Mart) nearby, and a Der Wienerschnitzel.  There was a Square Pan Pizza on College Avenue.  I also remember there being some fraternity houses across from the College Park Little League field. I fondly remember growing up there with SDSU as my playground.  I remember the college students protesting the Viet Nam War, and a lot of concerts at the Greek Bowl. The radio stations were KGB, KCBQ and KPRI -- and the head shop Synthetic Trips.   I remember building forts out of tumbleweeds as there were a lot of undeveloped canyons, like before they built Alvarado Estates, and right behind Hardy Elementary.  Both of my sisters were Homecoming queens and stewardesses for PSA.  One of them was a cheerleader for the Chargers and we used to get free tickets to the games.  I loved growing up in San Diego, the great beaches, the mountains, the deserts -- San Diego has it all.  I have been slowly moving eastward.  I lived in New Mexico for eleven years, three more in Florida, and now am in Monterey, Tennessee, which I really love.  I wish I could talk with some old neighbors and friends about old times, but I did not really stay in touch with anyone -- Jeff Garrison 73   (valleyjeff@hotmail.com)

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