Andrew Jackson Little League

(Courtesy of Donna Foster ‘65)

Andrew Jackson All Stars

Back row: Coach Red Isom, Edwin Gross, Richard Gabor, Tom Whelan, Mike Shea, Vic Jacobsen, Tommy Gaughen, Steve Bonwell, Coach Foster. Front row: Albert Porter, Ronnie Flynn, Richie Weinstock, Jim Bell, Mike Moran, Richard Bruner, Francisco Flores. (Names courtesy of Tom Whelan '62)

Andrew Jackson All Stars

The second coach on the left is Del Provence, tall boy in center is John Miller, who went to Horace Mann but must have gone to Hoover. Coach Walt Foster on the right. Johnny Bell bottom row, 3rd from the right.

Food Basket 1957

Coach Walt Foster on left, Les Leeper '65 2nd from left on bottom, Delbert Provence 3rd from left next to Les.

Security Bank

Coach Foster on left, Coach Draklovich (?) on right, John Miller next to Coach Foster,Mike Draklovich 3rd from left top row, Roger Bowen 2nd from left, bottom row, Davey Ballinger mid bottom row.

Coach Nick Drakulich; Michael Drakulich 4th from left back row, Randall Naiman 2nd from right front row --
Michael Naiman

Security Bank 1962

Coach Walt Foster left, Coach Draklovich right, Roger Bowen 3rd from left top row, Mike Draklovich 4th from left top row, my brother, Jerry Foster '70 2nd from right bottom row, Davey Ballinger far right bottom row.

Security Bank 1962: front row (L-R) Michael Naiman, Bill Clapp, 4th from left Nick Drakulich, 5th, Randall Naiman Back Row (R-L) Coach Nick Drakulich, ?, ? ; 4th from right Michael Drakulich --
Michael Naiman

College Center Optimists

The College Center Optimist team is a Pony League team from around 1956. Top Row – Coach Pallas, Larry Wickstrom ’60, Alan Foster ’62, Barry Marassi ’61 Second Row – Ernie Dronenberg ’61, Russ Flanders, Bruce Sanderson, Fred Dickson ’61, Unknown; Front Row – George Pallas '60, (the rest are unknown) -- Fred Dickson ’61

La Canada Florists

Coach Foster middle of top row, Alan Foster '62 with catcher's gear.

Love the little league pictures!  La Canada Florists was one of the minor league teams, because later I moved up to Worthington Painters in the "majors".  These La Canada pics must have been 1955 - 1958 era?  I'm in the first row, second from left, with glove.  I was "Mickey" back then.  I'm pretty certain my brother, Charlie '62, is behind me with his chin on his fist. He doesn't look like that now.  On Walt Foster's left, in the white tee shirt is my mom, Sue Byrne.  I guess she was a team mom and she and my dad, Charlie were the league's official score keepers as well.  The snow cones and the frozen Big Hunks at the snack bar were the best! In the first all star photo, Tom Whelan is in the back row in the Worthington Painters uniform.  He was the best power hitter, catcher (and pitcher?) on our team.  Looks like La Canada moved up to sponsor a "major league" team at some point, or they sponsored both a minor and a major -- Mike Byrne '64 Boston (area) -- Go Red Sox!!!!

La Canada Florists

Same team wiithout the Team Moms, Coach Walt Foster and catcher Alan Foster

Selten Construction

Selten Construction was sponsored by my dad Victor, father of Randy Selten ’60, Lori Anne Selten ’67 and me. I think I'm the 4th from the left, top row. You must be really old when you can't quite recognize yourself -- Rick/Ricky/Eric Selten ’64

Uptown Optimists

Alan Foster '62 is the tallest boy in top row, Coach Foster far right, Paul Janicki 3rd from left bottom row, Jerry Foster '70 is bat boy bottom center.

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