This is a 1966 team photo of Guarantee Chevrolet, one of the teams at Sunset Pony League (ages 13 - 14). The field was located near the dump, not far from College Grove and Chollas Lake. There were always seagulls flying around since we were so close to the dump. I got the photo from Ellen Blackwell, who is still growing strong at age 91. She had four sons go through Crawford throughout the sixties, including Tim who is the photo. She displayed this photo on her bedroom nightstand for decades.
Most of the team are members of Crawford’s Class of ‘70. Tim and I were able to identify most of the players, but we need help to identify others. It’s interesting that that some of the players, whose fathers were in the Navy, are wearing Navy-issue belts --
Lenny Como ‘70
First row (left from right): Larry Woods?, Unknown, Unknown, mascot (Ronnie Roche’s little brother), Tim Blackwell, Tom Hankler, Lenny Como; Back row (left to right): Mr. Allison (manager), unknown, Doug Scerlock, Tommy Allison, Dennis Montgomery, Tony Udvarhelyi, Ronnie Roche, Mark Johnson, Mr. Hankler (coach).

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