Sunshine Little League


(Courtesy of Bill Wood ‘65)

Carnation Qualitee Little League 1959

Coaches standing in the rear (l - r) are A.F. Wood (my dad), Gene Fox and Chuck Marsden Players standing in back row (l - r) are Jan Zettel, Tony Starla, Pete Phillips, Billy Wood, Glenn Tucker, Frank Martinez, Donnie Embleton, Dan Bock, Mike Betts, Richard Embleton, and Mike Keeyes Players kneeling in front row (l - r) are Craig Marsden, Mickey Jacobsen, Gary Tucker (bat boy), Merle Embleton and Jay Johnson (bat boy) -- Bill Wood '65

Davies Motors Little League 1960

My dad, Harold Keeyes, is the coach and my brother Bob Keeyes '67 is in the first row, third from the right. Both my brothers, Joe '63 and Bob '67 played on Sunshine Little League for many years and my dad was always a coach/manager. My mom kept score and, since they didn't let girls play back then, I watched and cheered -- Kathy Keeyes '68

I am standing third from the left right in front of your dad. I can tell you a story about that team. That was my second year in Little League, but during the tryouts I was not picked by a major team. I was quite disappointed, of course. About a week later my dad got a call (and I'm going to assume it must have been your dad calling, since he was the coach of Davies). Davies had lost a player for some reason that I don't remember. They invited five players from different teams to a private tryout to fill the vacant spot. I was so pumped at that tryout. I usually played shortstop. When they would hit ground balls to each of the other players, I would race to back them up. No matter where the ball was hit. I was running all over the field. After the tryout they announced that they had selected me to be on the team and that it was my hustling all over the field that sealed it for me. I can still remember that day like it was yesterday – Bill Wood '65

Coach Harold Keeyes. Players standing in back row:   3rd from the left is Billy Wood and 3rd from the right is Frank Martinez. Players sitting in front row:   1st on the left is Mickey Jacobson and 3rd from the right is Bob Keeyes --Bill Wood

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