Oak Park Little League

(Courtesy of Bob Mardon ‘64)

The Universal Electric team was sponsored by my step father, Fred Markgraf. My brother, Tim Christensen is standing at the top left, next to the coach.  Tim did not attend Crawford, but was shipped off to the Army-Navy Academy to try and get him focused on his schooling. It didn't work. He graduated from Grossmont in 1964. Our family moved out behind the school in May of my senior year -- Tom Christensen ’63.

TOP: Larry Hulst, my step dad Fred Markgraf, Richard Palmer, Tom Christensen, John O'Bryant '63, Mike Mendoza, Mike Attermatt, Manager Bill Cameron, Fred McGee
MIDDLE: Eddie Melanson, Kenny Umbarger, Marty Cameron, Denny Pendred, Bill Adams, Jack Schilling
BOTTOM: Mike Gordon, James Ross, Steve Turley, Dick Stead, Terry Cameron (bat boy), Bob Mardon

(Courtesy of Tom Christensen '63)

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