Jackson Little League

(Courtesy of Dwight Yakel ‘66)

Selten Construction

Selten Construction was sponsored by my dad Victor, father of Randy Selten ’60, Lori Anne Selten ’67 and me. I think I'm the 4th from the left, top row. You must be really old when you can't quite recognize yourself -- Rick/Ricky/Eric Selten ’64

Big Wheel 1957

Big Wheel 1958

STANDING:  George Nemeth, our manager and a wonderful man, John Clardy ’64 (St Augustine), Danny Flynn ‘65, Maurice Barringer ‘64,  Randy Hoff (moved after 6th Grade) Dwight Yakel ‘66, Stan Keniston ‘66, Mrs. Yakel, our team mother and Harry Shan, our outstanding coach.
KNEELING: Wayne Anstead ‘65, Rodney Vierra ‘67, Tim McClure ’67, ?, Gary Olkowski ‘66, Ricky Nemeth ‘67; not pictured Bob Smedley ’64.
SITTING: Batboys Jerry Nemeth and ?

 How is that for a memory after 54 years? At our 45th reunion  Eddie Newton and I were discussing  our propensity to be able to memorize unusual trivia.  I was a part of the 1958 Big Wheel Little League team above.  I had never played 9 inch baseball before because I had recently moved from a tiny town in northern California.  I also missed getting to play another year of little league by a few weeks.  I did play four years of Pony League and Colt League baseball at Colina Del Sol. I was cut from Crawford's team in 1962 and was heartbroken.  Now -- 50 years later -- it doesn't seem so bad, considering that during my Junior Year the team had future major league stars Dave Duncan, Eddie Herrmann and Bob Boone, as well as the Andrew Jackson Little League's best player, Jim Bell -- Maurice Barringer ’64

Food Basket

Food Basket 1960

Breier Sound 1961

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