1965 Obituaries


Guy Albers

August 10, 1946 - May 9, 1997

Mary Allison

Passed away December 15, 2019

Arthur Anderson

November 2, 1946 - October 3, 2015


Bob Baker

August 18, 1947 - September 19, 2011

A San Diego native Bob, was passionate about the sea and fishing from a young age, Bob grew up working on the sport boats at Fisherman’s Landing. From 1967 to 1973, he served his country in the United States Air Force and was given an honorable discharge. Upon completing his military duties, Bob flourished in the San Diego community, developing deep ties through his professional and personal endeavors, including the establishment of Industrial Supply Distributors, a family-owned business serving companies throughout San Diego County. As a sports and outdoor enthusiast, Bob participated in youth and community athletics as a little league baseball coach, soccer coach, and player on several intramural teams. As a Flag Member of Southwestern Yacht Club, Bob spent much of his free time on his boat, the “Talisman”, (recently known as his “sandcastle”) and was a prominent figure at the Club, serving on the Board of Directors and as President and active member of the Angler’s Club. He leaves behind his best friend and wife of 25 years Corinne, brother Eric, children and grandchildren.

Stephanie Barley Coulter

June 27, 1947 - April 29, 1997 

Shirley Beardsley Jensen

July 8, 1947 – September 8, 2010

Shirley was born at Mercy Hospital and spent her life in San Diego where she raised her family and had a successful business career. Shirley joined Jensen Meat Company in the 1970s and helped develop the company to a large and flourishing business.

Elaine Beatty Warner

 July 18, 1947 - October 22, 1986

Linda Belcher Johnson

Passed away February 19, 2023

John "JB" Belchez

August 19, 1947 - November 16, 2012

JB lost a three year battle with brain cancer. He was a multifaceted individual who crammed more into his lifetime than a normal person could ever dream of doing. His love of adventure took him all over the world, but in the end he always came back to Hawaii and San Diego. Sailing, surfing and horses were his main passions. Over the years, the magnitude of his kindness, generosity, joy, and energy was experienced by many. His multitude of friends came from all walks of life. JB will be sorely missed and will not be forgotten. A bright spirit has left this world to begin another adventure. JB is survived by his wife Jessie, his father Jack, and his sister Helen.

Harry Blackwell

March 11, 1947 - August 1979


Richard Bouchard

November 2, 1946 - July 27, 2001

Eugene Braunstein

September 17, 1946 - March 23, 1989

John Bultez

John was in a fatal car accident October 24, 2017.  His daughter Brenda Wilson would love to hear from folks who knew him.  Email her at Bbultez@gmail.com

Stephen Butzine

December 2, 1946 - June 7, 1997

Rod Collier

June 2, 1947 - January 10, 1990

My brother Rod succumbed to skin cancer. He lived in Dana Point with his wife Mary. They both taught Middle School in Huntington Beach -- Kelly Collier ‘69

Stephen Cone

November 1, 1947 - December 7, 1987

Stephen Cone was killed in a plane crash. At the time of his death, he was an attorney practicing in San Francisco and married to the former Barbara Ann Harritt who was also in the Crawford class of 1965. He is sorely missed by family and friends on a daily basis -- Susan Cone Milow '68, Richard Cone '69

James Corio

September 21, 1947 - February 7, 2010

Gary E. Crane

September 19, 1947 - October 1, 2004

A native San Diegan, Gary graduated from SDSU in 1971. He was a Safeway Manager for many years before obtaining his Masters Degree in Accounting and starting his own CPA practice. He was an avid reader, stamp collector, movie buff, Padres fan and loved rock and roll music. Gary is survived by his loving wife Nancy, his son John, daughter Gina Dobbs (Matt), his adored grandchildren, Katie and Ryan Dobbs, his brother James (Molly) and sister Lila Chucas (Terry) and many friends and family members. Gary was warm and giving with a witty sense of humor. He will be greatly missed by those who were lucky enough to know him.

Homer Davey

March 3, 1947 - March 15, 1994


Ron Dobyns

October 21, 1946 - January 4, 2000

Ron was the cousin of Glen Dobyns, '62 who as you know is also deceased. The Dobyns family had the gene for muscular dystrophy. About 6 of the 20 Dobyns cousins have contracted this fatal disease. Ron and Glen are the only ones to have died from it. Other family members are quite ill. Glen's sister (I don't know her name or if she went to Crawford) is near death. Terry Laxon, '64, and his brother Pinkie Laxon (I don't know which year he went to Crawford) luckily didn't contract this terrible disease. They were cousins of Ron and Glen -- Maurice Barringer '64


Michael Downing

August 13, 1947 - January 14, 2017

Michael attended San Diego State, graduating with a bachelor of science in physics in 1970. His career was centered on computer programming, working for Jet Propulsion Laboratory He later started his own computer programming business and eventually working as a computer programmer at the Las Vegas Water District, until he retired at the age of 64. He moved to Las Vegas to be closer to the hub of the World Series of Poker to pursue his passion for the game. Michael enjoyed telling jokes, playing golf, pool and billiards and restoring classic cars, especially Volkswagens.

Colleen Ann Doyle Weston

February 9, 1947 - December 11, 2000

David Erickson

August 23, 1947 - October 11, 2016

A La Mesa resident, David was born in Olympia, Washington. In 1966, he married classmate Rose Marie Nauenburg. They had 3 children. David was a car enthusiast..


Anthony Eulette

November 28, 1946-December 7, 2003

Our dad Tony was born in Philadelphia and moved to San Diego months after his birth, where he lived the rest of his 57 years. He graduated from Crawford High in 1965 and then enlisted in the U. S. Navy. He completed 2 tours on the USS Edson (DD-946) during the Vietnam War, where he was a Gunner’s Mate and the ship’s rescue swimmer. He later became part of the crew of Swift Boat PCF-47, patrolling the Mekong Delta. He was decorated and commended numerous times for his service to his country, receiving two Bronze Stars and meritorious unit commendations for rescues and skilled operations. Employed with San Diego Transit for 29 years, he raised his 3 daughters, Cristy, Jennifer and Stephanie in El Cajon. He left us far too soon, also leaving behind his sisters Beverly Banes and Melody Jones, his brother Mike McCullough, father Ken Eulette and his beautiful grand-baby Madeline. He is missed enormously and will be forever loved and happily remembered.

Wayne Fabert

April 28, 1947 - October 24, 1988

Lynn Felice

October 19, 1946 - April 12, 2023

After high school Lynn played football at San Diego State as a tight end.  The Aztecs were undefeated in 1968 and 1969.  He worked at San Diego Transit as an accident investigator.  After he retired he flipped houses in Washington and California. He enjoyed playing poker, pool and spending time with his family. He is survived by his wife of forty years, Nancy Felice, daughters Lyndsay and Laura, son in law,Aron, grandchildren, Logan and Avery, and his brother Lee Felice ’66

Jerry Filgo

September 21, 1946 - December 16, 2001

Jerry died unexpectedly while visiting family in Chula Vista. After high school he enlisted in the Air Force, serving for four years. Jerry moved to Lake Tahoe and worked for Harvey's Casino for twenty-five years, becoming Supervisor of Security. He transferred to Council Bluffs, Iowa to organize security for Harvey's Riverboat Casino. He is survived by his father Robin, brothers Robin and Greg, and sisters Susan and Sandra.


Donna Foster Westfall

September 10, 1947 - January 29, 2023

Donna was married in 1967 to Richard Westfall also class of 1965.  Born in 1947 at Mercy Hospital, she went to Euclid Elementary, Horace Mann and Crawford.  She went to San Diego State, then transferred to Grossmont College School of Nursing.  As an RN she worked in the ER at Villa View Hospital, followed by Scripps Clinic, Sharp Hospital, Scripps Hospital La Jolla, Urgent Care and finally retiring from Kaiser Permanente.  Her interests included backpacking and camping in the Sierras, snow skiing, traveling around the world, and gardening. She is left behind by husband Richard, two sons and two grandsons. She struggled with pancreatic cancer in the end.

Meredith "Marty" Gabriel

June 14, 1947 – January 4, 1968

A 20-year-old Sergeant in the United States Army's 101st Airborne Division, Meredith died from hostile arms fire in Binh Duong, South Vietnam.

“'Gabe' was one of the finest young men I ever knew. He always had a smile and sparkling eyes. He bought a large movie camera from me before we shipped out to Nam and sent it home. Another medic named Kinnard (KIA) sold it to me. Gabe was one of the strong ones in our platoon. He gave support and encouragement to all of us. When I heard of his death I found a place I could be alone and cried. I miss him and the others so very much. Being a survivor is very lonely. Sometimes I want to go back and join my friends one last time. I have never forgotten them. They live still, in my heart and mind." -- Benjamin Miles

Douglas Gegax

November 1, 1947 - June 7, 2001

Fredrick Giese

August 21, 1946 - May 9, 2020

Fred attended Andrew Jackson, Horace Mann, and Crawford.  He went directly into the Navy and served three tours of duty in Vietnam. He was a hospital corpsman who served with both Navy and Marines.  Fred served as the medical advisor for the Oliver Stone movie Born on the 4th of July, starring Tom Cruise.  He is survived by, among others, his sister Bette Giese Uwarow ’67

Gregory Glasson

October 5, 1947 - September 23, 1968

 “Greg was my best friend; I loved him like a brother. When I was 10 years old and bitten by a rattlesnake (for the second time), it was Greg who went for help. I asked him to be the Best Man at my wedding, but he had already enlisted in the Army and was unavailable. Greg was killed in an automobile accident shortly after I returned home from Vietnam as a young Marine Sergeant. After experiencing the loss of so many friends in Vietnam (including fellow classmate Marty Gabriel), the loss of my best friend was truly tragic. It seems that it is only after all of these years that I am able to come to terms with these losses. The really good ones all seem to die too young. Semper Fidelis.” -- Stephen Dennstedt

Marjorie Godfrey Sullivan

November 9, 1946 - December 2, 2008

Carol Harris Jones

October 1, 1947 - March 12, 1997

Carol died from Mast Cell Leukemia


Helen J. Hart
(No photo in annual)

July 14, 1946 - July 8, 2008

My sister died of a cancer that took her so quickly and unexpectedly that our family still cannot come to grips with it – two months from diagnosis to death. She was kept out of pain, and died quietly in her sleep. She would have graduated with the Class of 1965 but left early to marry. She was well liked by everyone who knew her and will be greatly missed. She is survived by three brothers, three children and four grandchildren. She was laid to rest at Rolling Hills Community Church in Zellwood, Florida with her husband and oldest son Peter Hart ‘59

Paul Hemus

June 26, 1947 - November 11, 1986

Ken Henderson

October 30 1947 - May 25, 2011

Kenny played Baseball, and enjoyed his friends at Crawford. It was fun having an older brother and meeting his buddies! After Crawford Ken served in the Army. His siblings, John, Bob,  Ronnie, Bonnie and Debby have great memories of our family growing up in San Diego. Kenny worked at SDG&E and lived in Bonita.  He later moved to Jacksonville Florida, and started his own business.  He was living in Fort Meyers, Florida when he died -- Bonnie Henderson Larson

Bonnie Hinrichs Shipley

April 9, 1947 - January 15, 2017

Bonnie lived in Escondido for many years until moving to Tennessee to be nearer two of her adult children and grandchildren -- Barbara Hinrichs Vester ’61

Leonard Hood

June 22, 1947 - February 4, 2007

Leonard was a native San Diegan who served two tours in Vietnam. He received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star for Valor. He is survived by his mother Beverly Hood and sister Valerie Hood Kennedy '68.

Judy Hughes

Judy died peacefully with her husband Joe by her side at Inova Hospital in Fairfax, VA.  She was born in San Diego, CA, the daughter of the late Dr. J. Ralph Hughes and Geraldine Hughes.  Judy was working for the City of San Diego when she met her future spouse, Joseph Michael LoPresti, Jr, a Navy helicopter pilot.  Judy and Joe were married on July 31, 1976.  After numerous moves with the Navy, they settled in Burke, VA where Judy completed her degree in Marketing at George Mason University.  Judy was the quintessential California girl who loved being outdoors. She particularly loved the beach and playing golf with her husband.   Her death was reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune on March 14, 2024.

Kenneth Hutchins

April 26, 1947 - October 3, 1986 

Clark Hyde

July 24, 1948 - January 29, 1989

I recently thought of an old friend of mine, Clark Hyde, and wondered what became of him. Actually, I was listening to a lecture on why people enjoy different kinds of music, and remembered that Clark loved opera. He was the only person I knew who did. I tried googling him, and found him on your Class of '65 missing list. After further searching, I found that Clark died back in 1989. He is buried at Oberlin Westwood Cemetery in Ohio. I know it is the same Clark Hyde because he went to Oberlin College and I ran into him in Berkeley when he was at seminary -- Jerry Lame ’65

Clark became an Episcopal priest and was rector of a church in Ohio.  I was once told by his wife that he loved the special occasion pageantry of the Episcopal church, which fits with his love of grand opera -- Bonnie Mosse ’65

Tom Iddings

September 27, 1947 - April 4, 1971

Years ago our families belonged to a San Diego dune buggy club. It was in the summer and we all were out at Glamis. The heat was unbearable. During the day we would sit under the bridge at the canal and, when the cops were not around, we would swim. The water was only four feet deep so anyone jumping off the bridge would go feet first. Because it was so hot that day all the adults were sipping beer and watching the kids play. I heard Tom’s voice yell "Hey every body -- watch this". He was standing on the bridge ready to jump. Why? No one knew -- but Tom jumped headfirst. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He broke his neck, lived on a respirator for the next week and then passed away. That type of event was one you witness and never forget. -- Steve Weston '64

Frank Jenkins

July 2, 1947 - April 23, 2001

Frank passed away due to skin cancer. He worked in management for Hughes Aircraft in Tucson, AZ, was married and had 4 children.

Robert Jordahl

April 14, 1947 -- July 13, 2015

Bobby was a transplant to San Diego from North Dakota by way of Orange County. His parents operated a dry-cleaning business during the '60s in the A&P Grocery Store across the street from Horace Mann.  Bobby was active in social life throughout his Crawford years and was a Toppers member.  He was "a lady's man", but was always "one of the guys”, a great friend, and the first of his peers to have his own business.  He pioneered the Foosball vending business in San Diego and built that into a full-fledged Vending Business in San Diego and Los Angeles. He was also a highly accomplished Junior Bowler and rolled an ABC sanctioned 300 game in 1968.In the ‘80s Bobby was married for a time while he owned one of the hottest bars in Torrance Beach. He returned to his roots in North Dakota for a time in the 1990s and then moved to Los Angeles where he lived from early 2000 until his death. Bobby lost his 14+ year battle with cancer, but never stopped thinking fondly about his parents and getting back to his many and treasured friendships -- most of the best of which were Crawford alums.

From the May 27, 1965 Pacer

Warren Karzen

April 19, 1947 - January 20, 2012

Warren passed away from MS. He also suffered from Parkinson's for several years. He loved to square dance until he was physically unable. He is survived by his wife Jan, brother Neil, and sister Hennie Karzen Krasnow. A very good guy and gentle soul -- Harry Proctor '65

Warren was a great guy. He used to drive me and my brother and some other neighborhood kids to Hebrew School in North Park for extra money -- Mollie Novidor Lavin '72

Kenneth Kees

October 17, 1947 - August 24, 2016

Ken and I enjoyed an idyllic childhood in lovely Los Altos, California, which is now part of "Silicon Valley". In 1957 our family moved to San Diego so our father could work in the booming aeronautical industry. Ken got his PHD from Stanford University. He remained at Stanford working with, and developing, computer programs. Eventually, he moved to Portland, Oregon, where he spent years with INTEL. About a decade ago, while at INTEL, Ken developed lymphoma. His treatment was successful, but the disease recurred and was treated a number of times. He resigned from INTEL and took a job with a medical group working on their computer system. My only sibling was a friendly, gentle man and a wonderful brother. He leaves his wife Ann and daughter Tasha--to whom he was the best of fathers. Ken and his family had changed their last name to Fairfield -- Karen Kees ’62

Keith Kelley

March 24, 1947 - May 7, 2005

Kathy Kerns Luster

May 1, 1947 - March 11, 2010

My sister passed away in San Antonio, TX -- Ronnie Kerns '60

Stephanie Kidder

December 8, 1947 - August 14, 1966

John --Was just looking over the 1965 obituaries and noticed my dear friend Stephanie Kidder with no comments about her death, so wanted to give you some background. Stephanie was a wonderful friend. We went to many dances together throughout junior high at Horace Mann and were members of the same church youth group throughout high school. She was attending SDSU, majoring in math, I think. In late August or early September 1966, she and her family were driving north on the San Onofre bridge of US 101 when their station wagon had a flat tire. Stephanie was driving, lost control, and the car crossed the center divider right in front of a Greyhound bus. She and her mother and sister died instantly. (How ironic that her father wouldn't let her ride in my sports car because it was too dangerous.) Mr. Kidder suffered horrible injuries, which he survived. I regret to this day not going to the memorial service, which was held once he recovered enough to be able to meet and greet everyone. My Mom said he shook each person’s hand and told them how much it meant that they had attended. Mr. Kidder was a survivor of the Bataan Death March, survived this horrible loss, and went on to remarry. He's living at a nursing home somewhere in his home state of Arkansas. I couldn't have asked for a better and more steadfast friend than Stephanie and think of her so often.
-- John Horner '65

Stephanie’s major in college was chemistry.  I think the person who wrote the very kind and affectionate bio about her said he thought it might be math, which her father taught.   Stephanie was an accomplished pianist, having soloed with our Horace Mann Junior High orchestra when she was only a seventh grader.  I still get misty-eyed when I remember the shock of being told my sweet friend and sometimes accompanist Stephanie died in an accident -- Bonnie Mosse '65

James Kidder

March 26, 1947 – October 2, 2010

Jim died of cancer. He was a Vietnam veteran.. He is survived by half-brother Keith Marsh ’73 and half-sister Betty Jo Marsh ‘74


Jennifer “Ginger” Kiesel Wildrick

July 8, 1947 - December 17, 2018

Ginger passed away at her home in La Jolla, surrounded by family and friends.   She graduated from City College in 1967 as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. She began her nursing career at El Cajon Valley Hospital prior to becoming a flight attendant for PSA. She flew for PSA, and later US Airways, for more than 20 years before retiring in 1988.  Ginger married the love of her life, Bill Wildrick in 1972.  In 1989, the couple, along with their three children, moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Once settled in Florida, Ginger returned to her nursing career as an LVN at Vicar's Landing retirement community and managed her own electrolysis practice prior to retiring in 1998.  Upon their return to San Diego, Ginger resumed a career in early childhood education at La Jolla United Methodist Church Nursery School.


Arnie Kravitz

April 3, 1947 - September 23, 1967

Arnie died in Thailand, serving his country as a member of the United States Air Force.


Leslie Leeper

January 3, 1947 - January 27, 2001

Leslie died at Grossmont Hospital of colon cancer

Joli Leichtag Andre

April 26, 1947 - July 19, 2007

My friend Joli valiantly fought for two years with several
rounds of cancer --
Marsha Rubin Steinfield '74

Julia Lewis Thompson

July 28, 1947 - November 21, 2021

Following graduation, Julie went to SDSU where she majored in art.  She married Crawford classmate Peter Thompson and assembled a pottery studio at their home in Kensington.  She was actively involved in the San Diego Potters’ Guild and successful as a potter, contributing to her household with the work of her talented hands.  Julie loved classical music and sang in the San Diego Master Chorale for many years.  Following some years as a single mom to son Kyle, Julie married Dan Goldzband, and together they enjoyed the opera and the symphony, as well as traveling.  Julie died after holding off breast cancer for a number of years, during which Dan supported her spirits by continuing to do the things they loved together.   Bonnie and I were friends since we were 6-year old neighbors -- Bonnie Mosse '65

Dale Livengood
(No photo in yearbook)

September 19, 1946 - August 9, 2014

Dale was born in Tucson, Arizona and passed away at his home in Wynne, Arkansas. He served in the army during Vietnam.

Harry Longdon

September 14, 1946 - August 26, 2015

Harry passed away, after a year-long battle with adult leukemia, at the VA San Diego Hospital. Both parents and his sister and only sibling Marie Longdon ’66 passed before him. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1965 to 1971 and was a Vietnam veteran. He was an active member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Harry was a long-distance truck driver, carrying equipment for rock-and-roll bands to destinations around the country and other heavy loads. He enjoyed driving the big rigs and retired from Hansen's Cement around 2008. In retirement he moved to Holtville, California where he enjoyed wild pheasant hunts and worked as a guide with his beloved English pointer, Hanna, for California Pheasant Hunts.

James Loucks

July 6, 1947 - March 18, 2019

After high school Jimmy moved to Colorado where he became a skilled cross country skier, downhill skier, and back country aficionado. He loved the desert, the ocean, the rivers of the western United States, and the mountains of California, Colorado, and Baja California. He coursed the Colorado and San Juan Rivers in Arizona and Colorado, and fished the sea off the coasts of California and Alaska. Jimmy could sing!  He had an amazing voice and could imitate countless artists. His ear was so good he could listen to hawks calling one another and then imitate it so well he could call to them and they would swoop by to see him. He had a green thumb and had stunning gardens wherever he lived. His sense of humor was the greatest.   He is survived by, among others, his brother David Loucks of Encinitas and his sister Kathie Blackburn of Ceres, California,

Marilyn Maley Graham Bowman

April 25, 1947 – March 22, 2008

Marilyn passed away from complications from a stroke. She was pre-deceased by her husband of 30 years, Joe Graham and survived by her husband Glenn Bowman of Queen Creek, Arizona; her sister Carole Quigley of San Diego and her brother John Maley of Lakeport, California. Marilyn was a graduate of San Diego State College, a San Diego police officer and served as a district attorney's investigator in San Diego until her retirement in 2000.

Alan Wayne Marshall

November 29, 1946 - August 29, 2013

A native of San Diego, Alan retired from teaching severely handicapped students at Hoover High. A keen family man, teacher and naturalist, he was deeply involved with local education both in the classroom and on trails throughout the county.

Richard Marshall

April 14, 1947 - April 25, 1966

Rich drowned while swimming in San Vicente Lake in 1966. He was an electrical engineering student at San Diego State, planned to enter the Air Force and eventually work for NASA. He was much loved and is greatly missed – Joanne Marshall ‘68


Jeri McGuire Gutowski

Jeri passed away November 23, 2015

Mary Kathleen "Kathy" McKim Bell

April 30, 1947 - May 8, 2003

Kathy passed away after a difficult battle with cancer. She was born in San Diego at Mercy Hospital. While at Crawford she was an active member of East San Diego Presbyterian Church. She graduated from San Diego State University in 1971 with a degree in business. She is survived by one son, Robert M. Bell, in Brooklyn, NY, her mother Mary Alice McKim of San Diego, sister Linda Suzanne Fletcher, Holly Ridge, NC. and brother James Michael McKim, Elizabethtown, NJ.

David Ming

August 25, 1947 - July 1, 2015


Janet Moldenhauer Albright

October 24, 1947 - November 30, 2021

Jan died peacefully in her sleep.  She was born at Mercy Hospital and attended Blessed Sacrament, Crawford and SDSU.  Jan worked at UCSD Medical Center, initially at the UCSD Gifford Clinic, and then as Administrative Assistant to UCSD's Director of Medicine, a position she held until retirement.  Jan enjoyed the outdoors, including camping trips with her husband Walt and their children, summer festivals and winter skiing at Thanksgiving in Mammoth Lakes and hiking in the Sierras.  She was predeceased by her sisters, Patricia Moldenhauer and Mary Dietrich.


Larry Moore

September 15, 1947 - December 17, 2002

"The cop other cops aspired to be !"

Jim Mousley

May 19, 1947 - December 14, 2018

After graduating from Crawford, my dad became a San Diego policeman.  He married Virginia Cherry and had two children Joe and Katie.  He then went to the California Highway Patrol, where he remained until he retired in the late ‘90s. He remarried a few times and then settled in Tucson Arizona where he lived out the remaining years. He loved golf, family, and John Wayne -- Joe Mousley


James S. Newman

January 20, 1947 – November 14, 2008


Steven Norman

April 6, 1947 - November 30, 2021

Steve passed away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones at his home in Mission Beach.  Steve grew up in the San Diego State neighborhood and attended Montezuma Elementary and Lewis Junior High School.  While at Crawford he was a varsity swimmer on the CIF championship team and enjoyed being the head cheerleader.  Steve went on to graduate from SDSU with a business degree, and subsequently entered the mortgage banking business where he founded Cal Coast Mortgage Corporation in 1974. He retired in 1984 and began investing and managing several apartments across San Diego, which he continued to do until his passing.  In 1981, he moved to Mission Beach, where he continued with his athletic endeavors.  He ran over 100 marathons, including San Diego Rock and Roll, Boston, New York, and the Great Wall of China, and also competed in many triathlons including the World Championship Ironman in Kona, HI in 1997. He was truly an Ironman, and fought pancreatic cancer relentlessly and with determination, in the same manner as he ran marathons and triathlons. Steve was a founding member of the Crawford Alumni Athletic Foundation, a member of the Torrey Pines Men's Club, and attended Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Phyllis Nunes Spann

May 31, 1947 - April 27, 2020

Phyllis was beautiful, loving, and caring, as well as generous. She passed away after a long illness. In her final days, she succumbed to Covid-19. Phyllis was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Her family moved to San Diego when she was in junior high school. Many years ago, Phyllis was a runner-up in the annual Miss Cabrillo Pageant in Point Loma.

Glenn Palhegyi

September 26,1946 - November 18, 2008

Glenn went to junior college after Crawford, then joined the Air Force in 1967. He retired as a sergeant in 1974. The following year he enlisted in the Navy as a computer specialist and served tours aboard the USS Constellation, USS Kitty Hawk, and USS Ranger. After leaving the Navy in 1989 he moved to Arizona and eventually became a college instructor. His love of photography, electronics and music never faded.

Steve Petretta

September 20, 1947 - May 1980

Maureen Reardon

January 10, 1947 - September 14, 2010

I took Maureen Reardon to the high school prom for class of 1965 and learned of her passing by typing her name into Google. She was best friends with Marilyn Maley '65 who has also died -- Bob Gagnon '65

Maureen "Mojo" Reardon passed away at her home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She was born in Washington, D. C., spent her childhood in Florida and Louisiana, later in California, then settled in Kauai, Hawaii for twenty years, and afterward in Dallas. Her introduction to Eureka Springs began in Dallas with a pair of rainbow-colored high heel slippers worn by Monda Clark. Mojo wanted those slippers so badly that she blurted out that she wanted those shoes... Monda said to her, "You belong in Eureka Springs..." and so Mojo moved to our little city, where she discovered she had always belonged spiritually. She fit into Eureka like her slippers fit -- perfectly and comfortably.
In spite of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she lived and loved life to the fullest, with excitement and joy, immense creativity, doing paintings and stained glass. She considered herself an old hippie who came here to spend her days. She became one of Eureka's most loving and colorful characters; so much so that an article was published in the Citizen about her in 2005. This quote from that article describes the amazing attitude she carried with her: "MS is the biggest blessing of my life. It taught me not to spin my wheels in nonproductive relationships and it taught me how limited our time here is. It taught me the joy of being a kid again." Like Cinderella and Dorothy, Mojo knew the right shoes may carry you farther than you think. We shall all miss her charm, her flair, her zest for life.

Mike Reed

October 22, 1947 - October 2002

I regret to inform you that Michael died of cancer in Fayetteville, Arkansas -- Dennis Thomas


Carolyn Reznikoff

June 3, 1947 – May 20, 2022

Our older sister Carolyn Reznikoff died in Portland, Oregon.  Our family moved to San Diego from St Louis, Missouri in 1954.  Carolyn attended Andrew Jackson, Montezuma and Hardy elementary schools and graduated a semester early from Crawford, Class of '65.  She studied sociology and psychology at Pitzer College and went on to get an MSW from San Diego State. She worked as a medical and hospice social worker in Portland, and upon retiring, became a skilled basket weaver using and gathering many native materials -- June Reznikoff ’66 and Laura Reznikoff Olson ’70

 Gregory Ripperger

February. 18, 1947 - February 19, 2002

Greg was born in St. Paul, Minn., and was a controller for Casas International. He was a member of Partners Mentoring Association for youth at risk. Survivors include his wife, Lucricia Ripperger; daughter, Melissa; and brothers, Cliff and Ron Ripperger.

I was a friend of Greg Ripperger. He was killed in a car accident in Spring Valley -- Bill Sturgeon, Helix '66


Wayne Robinson

With sadness I write that my brother Wayne passed away March 31, 2009. His graduation certificate from Crawford read January of 1965. Wayne started work as an apprentice and one of his first jobs was building the stadium in Mission Valley. He rose to Construction Superintendent with Nielson Construction Company. He also proudly worked on the reconstruction of one of the Prado buildings in Balboa Park. In Mission Valley, he did the longest continuous concrete pour recorded in San Diego history. He had cement mixers lined up for blocks waiting to pour the foundation of the tall glass building now seen on Camino del Rio South near Mission Center Road. People who knew Wayne admired him for his kindness and intelligence. He has one daughter, Tanya -- Elaine Robinson Davis ‘61

Judith Ruhl King

June 2, 1947 - February 2, 1990


Kenneth Sheldon

October 6, 1946 -March 1, 2022

After Crawford Ken joined the Navy and was a flight deck technician on the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk.  Following this he opened an auto body shop in Huntington Beach.  After selling the shop he opened a printing shop.  He met his wife Pam Osborne, from Clairemont High School, and they married after he finished with the Navy.  They are survived by one son, Adam.  Always a car guy, he bought his first car, a new Pontiac GTO, in his Junior Year.  He had several classic cars which he showed at local car events in Orange County -- Richard Westfall ’65

Marilyn Soden Werdick

June 19, 1947 - October 19, 2014

I'm sorry to write and tell you that a very good friend of mine recently passed away of lung cancer.  Marilyn is survived by her sweet husband, Greg Werdick, also class of '65. They were true high school sweethearts.  They have two sons, Brad and Grant -- Diana Loss Dwyer


Philip Sommerfeld

April 22, 1947 – October 16, 2020

Philip grew up in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey before moving to San Diego.  He graduated from Cedarville University in Ohio with a degree in Communication Arts.  Phil spent the majority of his career working for Roofers’ Supplies and Atlantic Building Supply, where he acted as the Secretary-Treasurer.  Phil’s passion for all things audio-video led him to create his own consulting company, Brown Dog Studios.

Theresa Sousa Davis Thompson

February 13, 1948 - October 13, 2014

Terry passed away, surrounded by her family and loved ones in her home in Carlsbad, Calif. She had battled ALS for the better part of 18 months. Her greatest joys in life were her daily exercise, consisting of walking, yoga and Pilates, and her three beloved grandchildren.


Dave Swinington

June 10, 1947 - May 1, 2023

Dave passed away in Solana Beach after living with cancer for seven years. Dave and his fraternal twin sister Roanne were born in San Diego to Rohan and Elsie Swinington.  After graduating from San Diego State University with a master’s degree in education, he worked for the San Diego Unified School District in Special Education for 37 years. He was instrumental in developing the TRACE program, an educational support network that assists young adults with disabilities to transition from high school to adult life.  David had many passions including playing drums, hiking, birding, traveling, and surfing, where he was known as Dawnman because of his early morning paddle outs to the waves.  With an inquisitive mind and passion for learning he lived each day to the fullest, enjoying long talks with friends and strangers alike about the meaning of life and the wonders that were all around us. His sense of humor and sharp wit always kept everyone laughing as he saw humor in so many things that others may not have seen.  He is survived by his loving wife of 32 years, Judie, his daughter Abby, his granddaughter Isabel, his son Chase, his loved dog, Willie, Nephew David and Niece Nikki and their families, and his many, many other family members and dear friends. He will be in our hearts every day and we will all miss him very much.

Bob Trolese

“Trol” passed away in October 2022 at his home in Nicaragua, where he had been working as a missionary for many years. He gave his life to Jesus Christ, and worked tirelessly for the indigenous native people of Nicaragua.  He was an old surfing buddy of mine -- Steve Brownell ’64

Glen “Skee” Strzelecki

February 1, 1948 - July 26, 2022

My brother passed away after a short illness.  He was surrounded by his wife Piedad, son Glen, grandson Christopher, sister Ann and brother in law Dave Harding.   Skee loved surfing, baseball and his family.  Prayers are accepted in lieu of donations -- Ann Strzelecki Harding ’63

Very sorry to hear of the passing of my old friend Skee Strzelecki. I knew Skee from grade school and always loved his boisterous good nature. Always ready for a joke. Always ready to laugh -- Eric Watkins ’65

Roanne Swinington

June 10, 1947 - December 11, 1997

"Ro" died from heart disease despite having been active and having gotten herself in excellent health. She was an avid cyclist, often riding 100 miles. She had been "Teacher of the Year" at Conway School in Escondido. We miss her very much -- Dave Swinington

Craig Wallbrett

January 2, 1947 - March 3, 2012

Dale Watkins
(No photo in annual)

January 14, 1947 - August 11, 1991

Dale Watkins was a pretty cool guy. He wasn't one of the great movers and shakers of the school, but was none the less liked by everyone who knew him. We were friends largely because we shared the same second name and came, roughly, from the same side of the tracks in town. I was sorry to learn of his passing and wonder what happened -- Eric Watkins '65

Dale was a lifelong best friend.  We experienced so many hallmarks of our youth together.  Some included our first cigarette, our first beer, our first shot of whisky and tequila, and our first serious girlfriends.  I was also with him when we bought our first car for $18.  We worked on that car for a month and at 14 years old – we spent glorious hours driving it in circles on a vacant lot on El Cajon Blvd. As young teens, we spent three years endlessly planning a perfect business partnership for our future.  I was with him as best man when he quit school and got married at almost 16 years old.  I was with him when his first of three children was born and Godfather to all three of his children.  I was with him when he melted three pipes together in his garage, which later became much sought-after art that lead to his term as the President of the San Diego Fine Arts Guild many years ago. Working in his family business, Sheffield Platers located back then at the corner of State and Date Streets downtown, Dale worked from the bottom rung and eventually took over the business.  Dale was a natural, and very successfully expanded it and guided it to be known world-wide for the highest quality and craftsmanship.  Gradually acquiring property around his business, Dale was continuing to build his business right up to his death. Dale was the best friend of my life.  He has never been out of my thoughts.  I visit his grave every year to talk and let him know I still love and miss him -- Rod “Rocky” Bankhead ‘65


James Whitehead

April 2, 1947 - March 3, 1997 

Linda Wiley

March 28, 1947 - March 8, 1972

Charles Roger Williams

July 5, 1947 - August 25, 1981

Chuck to some, he was Roger to most. He and I were good friends from the days we shared the same neighborhood as kids. We attended Horace Mann Junior High and Crawford High together. After graduation, with the draft hanging over our heads, we joined the Air Force. We liked the fact that it had a buddy system that would allow friends to be stationed near one another. We never were stationed near one another until Vietnam, where he was an Air Policeman guarding aircraft on the flight line and I was an Aircraft Mechanic servicing aircraft. After the war Roger married an Air Force woman who was stationed in Colorado. They met after his tour in Vietnam. They moved back to San Diego where they had two children. In 1979 Roger underwent surgery for the removal of a brain tumor, which took his life in summer of 1981 -- Steve Denny ‘65


Sherri Womack Roberts

February 5, 1947 - January 27, 1993

Elaine Worrell Chachére

My sister died July 31, 2021 -- Jan Worrell Manietta '63

Ron Yardley

September 29, 1946 - September 10, 2007

Ron was born in Illinois and died in Las Vegas

Michael Paul Ziliankoff

March 25, 1948 - July 27, 2011

Michael passed away at Fort Bragg, California. from a stroke. Michael was a drummer in his younger days, but when I met him, he was working in recording studios, doing sound, and assisting people in the industry to develop unique sounds with their equipment.  I know he went on tour with Stanley Clarke in the mid '80s, and did a lot of work for Jimmy Buffet.  Other clients included the Beach Boys, Lucinda Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Janis Ian, and Jimi Hendrix.. I met Michael in a recording studio where he was doing sound for a band I was in 30 years ago in Northern California.  We became friends. I was with him when he passed -- Bonnie Blackwell

(Most of the above dates are courtesy of Mary Gale Rogers '67)

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