1972 Obituaries

Maria Aguilar Gifford

March 16, 1954 - July 16, 1986

Richard Bredeson

September 19, 1953 – December 19, 2019

Lawrence Bluteau

May 21 1954 - November 27, 1974

Philip Bronson

July 18, 1954 - December 25, 1979

Cecil Glen Carpenter

Glen lost his brave fight against cancer on July 31, 2011. Glen loved woodworking, entertaining, helping others, and any time with family. He easily made friends and was a mentor and father figure for many. He and his family were proud of his work with the California Highway Patrol for the last 10 years.

Cheryl Craig Brown

September 11, 1954 - December 9, 2014

Cheri passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm. She was born in Alton, Illinois. The family moved to San Diego when she was only six months old, so she was always a California girl at heart. Cheri met her husband Don in Merced, California. They were married in San Diego, and later moved to Caldwell, Idaho to raise their children and be among their extended family.

John Davey

March 2, 1954 - September 29, 2012

John passed away from a heart attack. He attended Carver, Horace Mann and Crawford. We worked together in the San Diego shipyards and would spend our two-week Christmas shutdown fishing for steelhead trout in the Pacific Northwest.  Tired of the city life, John left San Diego in 1993 and made Chewela, Washington his home, to be closer to his sons, Jon and Christopher. Fishing and hunting became his new 9-5 routine. He was the last survivor of the Davey family on Bark street. His parents, older brother Homer his older sister Kay and younger sister Cheryl all preceded him in death. We were close friends for 50 years -- Harvey Noble

Yvonne Evjen Piscopo

May 29, 1954 - November 7, 2015

“Vonnie” was born in Portland, Oregon. When she was six years old, the family moved to San Diego, where she attended Central Elementary School until the family moved to the community of San Carlos. She continued her school days at Gage Elementary, Pershing Middle School, and Patrick Henry High School. She later transferred to Crawford to be with her future husband Phil Piscopo '71. Phil was introduced to Vonnie at a pool party on Hughes Street near Crawford when she was fourteen. That eventful moment started a youthful love affair that continued into their adult years when they were married on March 1st, 1975 and became Phillip and Yvonne Piscopo. Together they started a home, as Phil developed his landscaping business and Vonnie managed the home, assisted with the business accounting, and worked at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in the x-ray file department, a job that she held for 23 years.


Tony Flores

Tony passed away December 13, 2020 according to the Crawford Alumni Association

Hollis Gentry

1959 to September 5, 2006

Read the Union-Tribune Obituary

Danny Griggs

October 3, 1954 - February 23, 2015

Valerie Harmon

February 12, 1954 - December 17, 2003

My beautiful wonderful sister. As all who knew and loved her, she was an angel for homeless cats. She helped everyone that she could. She told everyone she met, “Please spay or neuter your pet”. She helped people whenever they were in need. Everyone who knew her knew we were extremely close. She was an excellent violinist for the San Diego Community Orchestra and worked for the Black Angus Restaurant for over 20 years. Valerie was an angel here on earth and she will be an angel in Heaven. My sister my friend, I love you so. We all love you. Earth will not be the same.

Dennis Hendrick

December 23, 1953 - October 4, 2017

Raymond Hong

December 10, 1953 - December 4, 2017

Some of you may remember my brother as a Cheerleader, tennis player and wrestler -- Lisa Hong Hom ’75

Sylvia Horstman Timmons

My sister Sylvia passed away January 2, 2014 at her home in Clear Lake, California. She had been ill for several years from pulmonary hypertension and had both lungs replaced three years ago. She is survived by her husband Sam and son Ben -- Valerie Horstman Morgan ’74

John Kendall

March 8, 1954 - January 29, 1979

Hendrik "Rik" Kranenburg

Rik died of a heart attack on January 17, 2020, while hiking in Grenada.  He was a leader in the globalization of the financial markets, serving in senior positions at Standard & Poor’s and McGraw-Hill for more than 30 years.  Born in New Zealand in 1955 to Johanna and Hendrik Kranenburg, Dutch emigrants, Rik was raised and naturalized in San Diego. His family was proud to be “American by Choice.”  He graduated from Crawford, then continued his education at UC San Diego, UC Berkeley ’76 and Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School where he received an MPA in 1978.  He started his professional career at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. In 1980, he joined S&P, and in 1984 moved to London, opening S&P’s first office overseas, creating the launchpad for the globalization of credit ratings, a transformation that moved capital around the world, the lead economic story of the 1980s. From 1989 to 1999, he led S&P’s growing international businesses from New York. The international business he founded now accounts for almost half of the revenues for S&P Global, a $71 billion company. He led S&P’s other major operation, data services, from 1999 to 2005, setting the foundation for S&P’s most important business today.  Throughout his life, he maintained an exceptionally wide and deep circle of friends. A big man with a bigger heart, he and his wife, Linda, loved a house full of their friends and family. Their house in Bridgehampton, bought soon after they married, was the home of their heart, and they filled it with laughter, love and guests too numerous to count.  He was a competent golfer, a charmingly terrible dancer, a dedicated vegetable gardener and an ardent, albeit alarming, bicyclist. And he passionately loved his boat (often too small for his chosen adventures), yet another place he could entertain his dear friends.

Terence Lattman

December 15, 1953 - April 1972

Genise Lundy
(No photo in yearbook)

March 9, 1954 - February 9, 2006

Genise passed away at home due to complications of diabetes. She was under the loving care of her family: attentive husband Karl Dutcher, loving daughters Teresa and Christina, younger brother Chuck, older brother George, nephew Chuck, niece Debbie, and dear friend Barbara. Genise came to San Diego as an infant and went to Carver, Horace Mann and Crawford High; a California girl, she loved the beach, camping, playing slots, being with her family. Up until her last days she went to the beach, visited family, and even cooked mostaciolli! She didn't want to leave us, but "was ready to go with God." She's watching over us, and we'll forever feel her presence.

Edward Lutchansky

September 4 1954 - June 12, 2011

Eddie was born in Detroit to Herman and Betsy Lutchansky, and grew up in San Diego. Eddie was a tax accountant by day, but at night -- going by the name Eddie Chance -- he was an accomplished Blues musician. He played the Republican National Convention, and even taught his harmonica technique to Stevie Wonder.  Eddie is survived by former wife Tajima, and daughters Silk and Rachael of Japan; siblings Miriam Glassman, Michael, Dan, and Robin.  Eddie will be laid to rest in Japan. 

Gary Malone

December 15, 1953 - August 18, 2011

I just learned today of Gary's passing. He attended Oak Park, Horace Mann and Crawford. He will be missed by all who knew him -- Russ Damron '71

Alison McCullough Gonzales

February 28, 1954 - July 30, 1980

Sigrid Overstreet Carlson

February 12, 1956 - January 6, 2017

Attorney, mother, and beloved wife, Sigrid -- a resident of Huntington Beach -- passed away following a battle with cancer. She was born in Nashville, TN and grew up in San Diego. She was a passionate advocate of immigrant rights, an enthusiastic traveler and explorer. A graduate of the University of California in San Diego, she went on to study law at UCLA. As an attorney she was committed to the defense of the rights of the less powerful, working in legal aid, homeowner defense, worker's compensation and immigration law. In her free time she taught English language and naturalization classes for new immigrants.

Tina Partovich Jacobs Zerkel

January 16, 1954 - September 19, 2003

Marti Penter Dries Westerfield

July 20, 1954 - August 20, 2006

Marti, a resident of Lakeside, was born in San Diego and was an office manager for a lighting manufacturer. Survivors include her husband, Mark Westerfield; daughter, Katie Dries of Redondo Beach; stepfather, Charles Miller of El Cajon; stepsister, Kayla Carol of Idaho; stepbrothers, Steven Clark of Pismo Beach, Roger Clark of San Marcos and George Clark of Lakeside.

Cynthia Pollard

Russell Reichert

July 7, 1954 - March 24, 2011

Brent Schmieder

July 22, 1954 – October 1981

John Schroeder

John died in June of 1998 from his third round of cancer over thirteen years. The first was lung, second brain and third, and fatal, was spinal. He worked as a grocery manager with the local major markets in San Diego, had three children including a set of twins from a previous marriage. He was married for thirteen years to my sister Loretta Farmer who was also of the Crawford class of 1972 -- Ken "Farmer" D'Angelo '66

Robert Seiley

August 5,1954 - February 28, 1980

Robert was a smart, upbeat, charismatic individual. He had a ton of personality and was well liked by many of his classmates at Crawford. I met him in first grade and we remained friends until the time of his death. He was the best friend I have ever had -- Tim Barringer ‘72

LuEllen Shewmaker Blum

November 20, 1954 - August 27, 2014

Fellow Colts:  it is my sad duty to relate to you the news of the recent passing of my sister in Broomfield, Colorado.  Cancer.  John, her husband of over 22 years, was with her, along with her brother, Scott '74, and John's brother Jim, a retired pastor, who was such a comfort to them, and for which we are all very grateful. Our family, Colorado, and the world are greatly diminished; and I've lost the very best of little sisters -- Terry Shewmaker '68

Lu Ellen had a lifetime passion for figure skating and for several years skated with a masters synchronized skate team that competed successfully at the national level.  She also earned her pilot's license.  In recent years, she was a flight attendant with Frontier Airlines.  Crawford friends who remember her bubbly, sociable nature will be glad to know that she always remained that way -- Scott Shewmaker ’74

Raymond Sliwa

December 4, 1953 - December 11, 2013

Raymond, a San Diego native, is survived by his sons Brandon and Chad Silwa.

Alan Swede

April 29, 1954 - February 4, 2008

My youngest brother died of a heart attack. He was a very private person and none of us -- including my sister in law, knew he had a heart problem. He is survived by his wife Carol, daughter Amanda, father Martin Swede, brother Earle Swede and myself. He lived in San Diego until just six months before his death, when he and his family moved to Los Osos near San Luis Obispo. So many of us spend our days too busy to spend time with those we love or too proud to say how much we love them. My brother is gone now and I'll never have the chance to tell him how much he was loved or how much he'll be missed. But, somehow I know he knows -- Frances Swede Zamir '62

Nancy Taylor


Ramon Villon

June 22,1954 - May 20, 2021

Ramon's Spanish Village web page

Roy Wayne III

The Crawford Foundation reported that Wayne passed away May 27, 2022

Gary Wax

Gary died of cancer on November 4, 2014. He graduated from UCSD in 1976. He moved to Honolulu after college, working first in the photography industry, and later in the golf industry. He enjoyed success in business. He loved Japan, learned Japanese and traveled there often for business. He traveled the world playing golf . He collected classic golf clubs and books on golf. He loved and collected music, and played guitar. He also loved the NFL, and the world of Wall Street. He is survived by his sister, Pamela Bosworth; and his brothers, Stephen and Marshall

Mike Whitman

September 11, 1953 - July 22, 1976

Dwight Willis

August 14, 1954 - May 30, 1979

My brother Dwight “Ike” Willis died in Los Angeles from complications relating to Diabetes -- Steve Shockome ‘73

Paul Woods
(No photo in annual)

May 6, 1954 - September 4, 1980

Stephanie Woods Gaydosh

May 29, 1954 - September 14, 1979

Jack Zinke
(No photo in yearbook)

October 2, 1954 – August 12, 1997

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