1975 Obituaries

James Arsulich
(No photo in yearbook)

  Passed away April 6, 2023

Wayne Buss

It is with great regret that I inform you that Wayne Buss died on December 2, 2004 in an automobile accident in Auckland New Zealand. He moved there shortly after selling the Carnation building downtown. He was very involved in the transformation of San Diego's downtown. He purchased a large property in New Zealand and became involved in environmental projects there --Cris Bremner.

James Cagley

December 6, 1956 - July 29, 2015

James died of a heart attack while training for a marathon. His wife Donna died in 2011. Surviving are his three children Tamrie, Adam and Tracee, as well as siblings Barbara Cagley Thomas ’64, Richard Cagley '68 and Judith Cagley Griffith ’71.

David Dawson

October 20, 1957 – August 11, 2006

David was put to death by lethal injection for the 1986 murder of three members of a Billings, MT family. He never revealed his motivation for the killings.

Renee Edgington

Renee Edgington and her husband Matthew Francis were killed in an automobile accident in South Africa on August 28, 1998. The couple were artists and AIDS activists who, in 1991, started Clean Needles Now. Read more about their work at:


Rita Hampton Ferreira

November 4, 1957 - August 14, 2020

Douglas Griggs
(No photo in yearbook)

June 26, 1957 - April 6, 2021

I attended the funeral on May 26, 2021 for  "Little Dougie Griggs" at Miramar National cemetery.  Doug played little league baseball in the Andrew Jackson Little League and was a member of the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  He was a Cree hoop dancer.  I remember walking to school at Andrew Jackson with him and his two older brothers Danny and David.  He served in the U.S. Army and was stationed in West Germany, going eyeball to eyeball with the Warsaw Pact countries.  While on leave in Italy he met his soulmate and the love of his life Gunilla who was from Sweden.  After the Army, Doug worked as a heavy equipment mechanic for the City of San Diego, performing maintenance and repairs on fire trucks and other heavy equipment.  He was a car enthusiast and had a beautiful yellow 1938 Chevy coupe that he had torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.  Doug is survived by his wife of 37 years, Nilla, his daughter Janice, his son Eric, and two beautiful grand daughters.  He was laid to rest with full military honors. I will miss him -- George V. Glover ’73

Lauretta Hancock Beckwith

February 14, 1958 - March 1, 1991

Lauretta died of an undetected brain aneurysm. She was married, had three small children, and was living in Oregon -- Luanne Mosley Ness '75

Lawson Hardge IV

September 9, 1957 – August 2, 2005

Lawson died at home after a short illness

David Harpster
(No photo in yearbook)

July 28, 1957 - January 4, 2016


Alwin Darryl Holman

January 9, 1957 - January 29, 2021

Patty Kuey

My cousin Patty died in an auto accident in the 1990s -- Byron Kuey '75


Kim Leimbach Lasley

May 24, 1957 - January 23, 2022

Kim had a passion for helping children and served on the Ramona Unified Board of Education for more than a decade.  Ramona Unified Superintendent Theresa Grace said Lasley was passionate about supporting career technical education courses and the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, or NJROTC, program.  Lasley, through the Ramona Rotary Club, provided free dictionaries to third-graders at Ramona Unified, Drum said. Before COVID, she was on school campuses weekly if not daily, he said, and she was heavily involved in the PTAs at Barnett Elementary and Ramona High schools.  Lasley was also known for making and catering meals for teachers at various events, he said.  “She advocated for what’s best for all children in the district,” Drum said of Lasley, who served as school board president in 2016. “She was an icon in the community, not just with the school district.”  She is survived by her husband Jim Lasley, also Crawford Class of ’75.

Julie Lozow

Julie Lozow was my supervisor when I worked at the law firm of Milberg Weiss et al. in San Diego (now Lerach Coughlin et al.). I left the firm in 1999 but have been in touch with colleagues, one of whom just told me that Julie passed away Friday, December 2, 2005. She had been suffering from cancer for at least a year -- Lisa Woodard Mink.

Susan Marko McArdle

March 2, 1957 - February 6, 2012

Susan was born in Minnesota and came to San Diego as an infant. She attended Blessed Sacrament Church and School. She worked most of her life in the clerical field, most recently i the insurance field. Her passion in life were her family, gardening and motorcycle rides. Survivors include brothers Al ’63 and Tom ’70.

Dyan McCormack Wootton

February 4, 1957 - June 20, 2010

Dyan passed away after a courageous 14 month battle with cancer, with her husband and daughter by her side. Dyan went to school in San Diego and then moved to Leucadia during high school and graduated from San Dieguito in 1975. She loved the beach, Disneyland, and going to movies. She worked for Costco for 10 years and made many friends there. She is survived by, among others, her sister Sherry McCormack Burch ’69 of Silverdale, Washington.

Daniel Padilla
(No photo in yearbook)

June 29, 1957-December 23, 2005

Daniel was born in San Diego and was employed by Atlas Chemical. Survivors include his daughter, Beverlee of California; parents, Jesus and Lorinda of Bisbee, Ariz.; brothers, Bernie and Robert of Bisbee and Stanley and Ezequiel of California; sisters, Judy Padilla and Elizabeth Johnson of California.


James Parish

January 4, 1958 - April 25, 2020

An Associate Professor of Mathematics at Southern Illinois University James passed away from natural causes.   Jim was born in Augsburg, Germany,  the youngest of five children.  He received his Master’s from University of California Santa Barbara and from there went on to graduate from the University of Chicago with his Ph.D. in Mathematics. Jim taught at the University of Arizona before moving to Edwardsville, Illinois, where he taught at SIUE for more than 30 years.  He was well-liked and admired by his colleagues, students, and friends.  Mathematics was his passion, but he had many interests that included reading, music, cooking, and the love of his two furry companions.

Celeste Persley Lilley

September 20, 1958 - May 13, 2021

Celeste graduated in 1975, one year before her peers.  Celeste and I met in drama class at Horace Mann Junior High and became best friends. She was adventurous, spirited, and daring – everything I wanted to be.  She had a lovely singing voice and played the piano beautifully.  We lost touch after high school. Celeste met and married the love of her life, Bill Lilley, and they moved to Gardiner, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula.  I reconnected with Celeste after I moved to Washington with my husband. It was like no time had passed.  Celeste and Billy would stop by for a visit on their annual motorcycle tours, and we would visit them on the peninsula.  Celeste was a passionate animal lover, and a fierce friend.  She loved rock and roll, dogs, the ocean and her beloved Billy. The world is a little less wild, a little less adventurous without Celeste in it -- Wendy Williams ’76

Patrick Pope

Passed away June 25, 2021

Dan Burton '66, his future wife Kerry, and Patrick Pope in 1984

Marla Quinci

March 8, 1957 - April 17, 2014

I just wanted to let you know of the sudden passing of Marla Quinci. She was living in Davis, CA with her two children Olivia, 20 and Grant 18. She had her MA from SDSU in Marriage and Family Counseling and was also a Paralegal.  She was working for the Contra Costa County Public Defenders office  in Martinez, CA providing psychological and legal services.  She loved animals, and was an animal behaviorist/trainer and horsewoman. She was a renaissance woman of many talents and interests. She always had a positive attitude, a great sense of humor/and a smile that lit the room.  She was an amazing, joyful, beautiful woman, full of life and an inspiration to many -- Marialyn Sardo '73


Mike Seabock

January 23, 1957 - December 1, 2022

Michael Avery Seabock passed away in his home in Nampa, Idaho.  Mike graduated from San Diego State University, and went on to become an electrical engineer.  Mike lived most of his life in southern California before moving to Salt Lake City, San Jose, and, recently, Nampa.  He was a cancer survivor who idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger, loved listening to Bruce Springsteen, and enjoyed sitcoms. He also had a passion for golf, billiards, poker, and scotch.

Ronny Spears
(No photo in yearbook)

July 30, 1957 - January 5, 2003

Ronny was born in Pascagoula, MS, and was a registered nurse at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Survivors include his wife, Mylah; daughter, Ashley Spears of San Diego; mother, Jewel Spears of Alpine; brothers, John Spears of Jamul, Barry Atherton of San Diego and Shelby Atherton of Chula Vista.

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