Crawford Colts Who Died in Vietnam
Hi John,
This was an assignment for my Video Production class, which I completed with Class of 2007 students Jair Morales and Nick Brookes-Hobson . It was also a project to learn how to use "FinalCut Pro" which we just purchased this year.
I shot the footage at the 2006 Memorial Day ceremony at Ft. Rosecrans. Every year we take our son to Ft. Rosecrans to participate in the grave decoration. He makes sure he puts a flag on my father-in-law's grave. That was the final flag in the video. I used your Web site at the source for images and names of the students. One of the students did research to find out if there were any past students buried at Ft. Rosecrans. There were two from the list of Viet Nam fallen. We visited their graves to get that footage. The music we borrowed from the TV show, "Band of Brothers."

Don Dean
Video Production/Multimedia Instructor
Multimedia Visual Arts School
619-583-2500 x2702

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