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Who Died In Vietnam

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I'd like us all to remember these Crawford classmates
and friends lost in the Vietnam war --
Dan Burton '66

"There but for fortune go you and I." -- Phil Ochs

War drew us from our homeland in
the sunlit springtime of our youth.
Those who did not come back alive
remain in perpetural springtime
FOREVER YOUNG and a part of them is
with us ALWAYS. -
Author: Unknown

Horace Mann Junior High

Remembering Coach Ron Davidson

I met Ron Davidson when I lived at College Village Apartments on Rolando Blvd in 1967 and remember when he told me he was going to join the Marine Corps. When he was ready to ship out he asked me to drive him to Camp Pendleton. He told me he wouldn't be coming back from Vietnam -- John Fry

Class of 1960

John Flinn

July 16, 1942 – July 2, 1969

Air Force Captain John Leroy Flinn was killed when his A-1 Skyraider
aircraft was shot down during an attack at Muon Soui, Laos.

Douglas A-1H "Skyraider"

"John never come back?"

John Flinn is recalled in My Secret War, by Richard S. Drury

Ron Jagodinski remembers ROTC at Crawford

Class of 1964

John Marshall Callaham, Jr

December 2, 1945 - May 10, 1968

John was killed by hostile fire in Thua Thien Province. He was an Army Corporal in the Light Weapons Infantry. He is buried at Fort Rosecrans.

News Articles About John

Rim Dungy

April 12, 1946 - August 26, 1967

Riim Casts A Long Shadow

(Poem from a friend)

Rim Dungy was one of the “older” Colts of our neighborhood we younger kids looked up to. Most of us were 5-6 years younger. It was easy for us as young teenagers to see he was different than most of the other guys…he was always patient and looking out for us younger Colts to be. He will always be missed --Don Rogers ’69

Bob Prys

June 11, 1945 - May 29, 1967

He was in the Army and killed by hostile fire (“Booby
Trap Connected”) in Vietnam
– Mary Gale Rodgers

Class of 1965

Meredith "Marty" Gabriel

June 14, 1947 – January 4, 1968

A 20-year-old Sergeant in the United States Army's 101st Airborne Division, Meredith died from hostile arms fire in Binh Duong, South Vietnam.

“'Gabe' was one of the finest young men I ever knew. He always had a smile and sparkling eyes. He bought a large movie camera from me before we shipped out to Nam and sent it home. Another medic named Kinnard (KIA) sold it to me. Gabe was one of the strong ones in our platoon. He gave support and encouragement to all of us. When I heard of his death I found a place I could be alone and cried. I miss him and the others so very much. Being a survivor is very lonely. Sometimes I want to go back and join my friends one last time. I have never forgotten them. They live still, in my heart and mind."

Benjamin Miles

 “Marty and I had known each other since grade school. Upon graduation from high school I enlisted in the Marine Corps and lost touch with him. It came as quite a shock, therefore, when I learned that Marty was KIA in Vietnam. I was with Marine forces further north in I Corps (Chu Lai), and Marty was with the 101st Airborne down south. Marty, an Army medic, was rendering aid to a fallen soldier when he was shot and killed — that is consistent with the young man I knew and liked. As Benjamin Miles said: ‘Being a survivor is very lonely.’ I miss all of my friends who didn’t make it back. Semper Fidelis.”

Arnie Kravitz

April 3, 1947 - September 23, 1967

Arnie died in Thailand, serving his country as a member of the United States Air Force.

Class of 1966

James William Wright II

February 21, 1948 - May 5, 1968

Jim was killed by hostile fire in Quang Nam Province. He was a Marine, Private First Class, a Warehouse Clerk. He is buried at Fort Rosecrans.

I remember I saw James Wright's name and date of death on the list of those from San Diego killed in the Vietnam war -- Sally Marshall-Hyde

Class of 1967

Steve Bartman

July 27, 1949 – January 8, 1969

Steve was a friend and neighbor. A helicopter door-gunner, he was killed in his second tour of Vietnam -- Dan Burton '66

(Read Steve's Distinguished Flying Cross citation)

Michael Patrick Murphy

June 1, 1949 - May 24, 1970

Michael was killed in Vietnam during a rocket attack.  He was an Army Specialist Fourth Class for the Light Weapons Infantry. He was killed by hostile fire in Kontum Province

Gary A. Schultz

September 2, 1949 – March 26, 1971

Gary died in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. He is honored on Panel 4W, Row 81 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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