Oscar's Drive-In, 4751 El Cajon Blvd: Larry Booth took this photo on July 18, 1947. I believe he was working for Title Insurance at the time and I'll bet this was for an article in their in-house magazine Title Topics. That's a cigarette machine at the far left and a phone booth around the wall at the far right. The banner advertises Double-Deck Hamburgers for 25¢. Foodmaker still occupies the corner, only now you can get a Jumbo Jack for 99¢ -- or is it $1.29? (San Diego Historical Society Photo)

I worked at the Oscar’s on El Cajon Blvd at Euclid for about five years. It was known as the “Circus” due to all the animal posters on the wall. I started out as a DMO (Dish Machine Operator), then fountain boy and later cook. Later on I moved over to the Oscars at Menlo and El Cajon Blvd and worked there before going on to the Oscars at 12th & Cand and the one in Clairemont when it was new – Colin Fort ’60

I thought this Oscar's was originally called Circus -- or was that a different drive-in? If the date on this photo is correct, it was three months before I was born, so I couldn't have remembered this one as Circus -- Joe Dyke ‘65

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