Before I put away my storage box of childhood picture and mementos, I thought I would go through it to see if there was anything else that might be worthy of sending.  I came across my Pony League team photo from 1958.  As 13 and 14-year-olds, the boys in this shot should have graduated in '62 or '63.  I don't have any names to give you this time, but maybe someone else knows who some of these players are -- Tom Christensen ’63

I think my classmates Terry Hudson and Ron Kroepel are far right standing and far right sitting -- Sarina Klein Nordmarken '63

I was on that team. Second row far left -- Steve Kaplan '62

Standing, fourth from left, I think is Fred Cairns '61 -- Bob Richardson '61

Standing: Bill Montejano '62 is on the left, Don Pitts ’61 is second from left, Fred Cairns ’61 second from right and Terry Hudson ’63 next to him. My Dad Rob Cairns is the coach. Kneeling: Ron Flynn ’62 on the left and, in the middle, Wes Hills 61 -- Fred Cairns

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