October 1, 1964

Wow!  Farah “Farax Poplin” pants for only $5.98 a pair!    Those were the days when Chuck Converse shoes were $8.25. That was an expensive shoe, considering you could get the J.C. Penney’s “Red Stripes” for only $3.99.  I didn’t get my first pair of Converse until I was in 6th grade, mainly because in those days I was famous for taking my shoes off somewhere, at a friend’s house, or worse, down in Chollas Canyon.  I probably lost five pairs of those between age 5 and 12.  In those days, I had one pair of Penney’s sneakers and one pair of hard, black dress shows for church.  I can’t tell you how many Monday mornings when I could not find my shoes, and my mom had to go to Keating’s shoes on El Cajon Blvd at 8:00 in the morning to buy me a pair of sneakers for school that day -- Richard Cone ‘69

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