February 11, 1965

I'm pleased to see this issue of the Pacer, which was published in the year I served as co-editor-in-chief with Judy Wiltse. Seeing it brought back a lot of memories, and some of them very humorous. In this issue, there is one bit of humor that many people never knew about. Perhaps with the passage of time, it'll still be funny. That's the article about Walt Roehrs’ fastest car -- the VW with "a Porsche engine". Walt and I were friends, and we decided to pull a little trick on Jay Katz, who wrote the car column for the paper. I told Jay that Walt's car had a Porsche engine in it. So, Jay decided to do the story that month on Walt's car. Jay wanted a look at this engine, so Walt obliged and opened up the back hood for Jay to see. Like most of us, Jay couldn't tell the difference between a Porsche engine and -- as in this case -- an ordinary VW engine. Jay unwittingly wrote up the story, and as everyone can imagine, he was as mad as the proverbial hornet at me when he discovered the truth -- after publication. I can't remember if he ever spoke to me after that, but he certainly never again took my advice about cars for his column. Jay -- if you're out there -- please forgive me. -- Eric Watkins '65

Thought you might enjoy this photo of College Florist (see advertisement above) taken by John Suitz around 1975.

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